Stylish Table Decoration For Wedding: With These Ideas And Tips, You Are Sure To Succeed

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No matter what season you want to marry, your wedding can always be fantastic. Since, however, some things have to be right with location, decoration and program. Today we have some great ideas and tips for you, which concerns the festive table decoration for wedding. The table or the tables are, as in almost all other festivals and activities in life, an important meeting and communication point at weddings, where you can exchange in a sociable round. Friends, acquaintances and relatives are invited and presented with delicious dishes and drinks in a cozy, solemn atmosphere. It is therefore all the more important to pay particular attention to the organization and decoration of your wedding of the festive table decoration.

With loving ideas, like this one and some simple Basic rules and tips the table decoration for the wedding will definitely do for you. Stay with us and learn how!

Tasty table decoration for wedding with fresh flowers

table decoration wedding roses hortensien rosa dumpfenkerzen

Flower decoration brings the certain something on the table

When you think of wedding and love, you hardly get past flowers and flower arrangements. Because these magical arrangements enrich us with color and joy of life and embellish every festive ambience in an unmistakable way. It is advisable to put on flowers of the season at the table decoration for wedding, as these are not only much cheaper, but also quite simple and fresh to get – sometimes even from the own garden.

When arranging, you can then rely on experienced florists or on tight budget, make beautiful flower arrangements themselves. It does not even have to be big flower arrangements. Sometimes small glasses or vases, lovingly arranged with flowers, are enough.

Small, but fine, the table decoration can also be


When choosing the flowers for the wedding decoration, it is particularly important to combine these with the flowers in the bouquet and in the usual decoration. It is best to use the same types of flowers and colors, or arrange them at least in the same style.

In order not to get into the fat, you should inform yourself in advance which flowers mean. With white and red roses, you can not go wrong. But it looks different with some other types of flowers.

The white rose stands for purity and innocence

table decoration wedding ideas white rose

Alpine violets and anemones are certainly to be avoided during the wedding decoration, for they stand for indifference and feel abandoned, which should not occur in a marriage. With colors you should also be attentive to some flowers. Thus yellow roses stand for jealousy and infidelity, and yellow carnations for contempt – at least here in Europe.

Do not forget the light factor!

Without the right light even the most beautiful decoration looks not particularly in the evening. Apart from indirect lights and lighthouses in the room, you need candles and tea lights in candlesticks and wind lights. Floating candles in bowls or glassware as well as light chains bring even more incomparable romance and enchant every guest at your wedding party. Depending on your purse and your taste, as well as your location and location, you should opt for the perfect size and quality of light bodies and candles. Some of them can be tampered without much time and money.

Here, as in the case of the flower decoration, the table decoration for the wedding must not disturb the guests! So always leave enough space on and at the table when decorating. Do not block the view of your guests! This brings unintended restraint and disturbs the cheerful conversation at the table.

Summery ease with the right table decoration for wedding

summer wedding table decoration with fresh flowers

Menu, table and guest gifts

These important elements of the wedding celebration you can easily integrate into your festive table decoration. And how? Very easily. By matching these colors and thematically with the usual decorative elements. Or with unusual ideas such as – to design the menu card as a light or place it in a beautiful picture frame on the table. place cards and table numbers can also be represented in many variants. Let your imagination and creativity free rein.

Wedding gowns are just as easy to make. Of course, we have some original basement ideas for you. Look here , if you feel like it.

DIY table card idea with parcel

diy table decoration for wedding

Less is also often more here!

orange roses table decoration wedding

Apples and other fruits are perfect as table cards

rose cloves and apple table decoration for wedding

Give special attention to the napkin at the table decoration

table decoration for wedding with roses and veil

Effective decorative elements and streudeko

Cages full of flowers, large wedding rings, pigeons, butterflies and hearts of all kinds are often preferred by many couples as table decorations for the wedding. All of these are beautiful symbols that stand for eternal love and deep affection as well as for fidelity and joy of life. You can create original views on the tables or simply spread them over the top if they are available in mini-format.

As a streudeko also confetti in heart shape or small rhinestones, stars, flowers and still a lot of romantic deco elements are suitable. Be careful! Make glitter and kitsch out of glitter and glamor! The streudeko rather in the middle of the table position and not too close to the plates or on the floor. Otherwise there is even a risk of slipping and disgusted wedding guests.

Shabby Chic metal cages are still in full swing

deco cage table decoration for wedding

Nature also offers you a lot of free things for your wedding table decoration. Autumn leaves, chestnuts, rose hips, driftwood, moss, ivy and pine cones – much can be arranged very original and tasteful on the ceremonial wedding table.

And if you want to create an autumn table decoration for your wedding with pumpkin, you will find here a great, very simple guide in text and image.

A lot of fun with decorating and good luck in the common life wishes you the editorial team!

Autumnal table decoration for wedding with pumpkin

pumpkin as table decor for wedding filled with flowers

White fabric pennies and tiny lily of the valley – a successful decoction

maigloeckchen white fabric pennants table decoration for wedding

Do not exaggerate it with flowers!

bouquet with roses and dahlias

If you stand on rustic charm

rustic dining table decoration for wedding

Napkin rings also bring an extra fine touch into the table decoration for wedding

seviettenring white porcelain table decoration for wedding

Puristic wedding table decoration for the summer

table decoration for wedding white pine green branches

And how about a relaxing wedding in the garden?

table decoration for wedding

Or in the big tent with fine lavender

table decoration for wedding with lavender

Plain purity and delicate innocence in white

table decoration for wedding white flowers

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