Subtle Metallic Lustre In Interior Design And Decoration

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metal gloss interior design gilt side table

Subtle metallic lustre in interior design and decoration

Ready for a little shine? When we say “a little”, we are honest it – you will not upset the metallic-painted finds of today’s contribution with their sparkle. Actually, just their subtlety has attracted us. Many of the most interesting metallfarb-decoration pieces for this year combine two effects – they are compounds made from shimmering and earthy appearance. The result: a new, modern variation of the popular shades of silver and gold.

Do you need probably some reasons to take the current update of the metal House jewelry really at the heart? How about the fact that this decoration style of the glittering silver and golden tones WINS your interest with overwhelming initial impressions, to fuel the desire for more later. Or with the property of the subtle metallic pieces, provoking a chic effect, without being dominant in the room. Or with the fact that they can be paired with other metal decorations and leave no sensation by commenting here. Do you need more reasons? Even more delight to the metallic shine, check the below attached pictures times…

Metallic decoration accents

We start with a series of decorative accents in metallic tones. The pieces can be large or small – from furniture to metal napkin rings. And everything in between! First, we want to introduce the faceted ceramic coffee table from West Elm , with a coat of paint in the hues of burnt gold. Would you believe that this item made of glazed terracotta is made?

If you want to create your skill on the day, you can create your own weight-decoration pieces with metallic coloring. A popular “do-it-yourself” trend sought? Mix metallic lustre with muted tones, such as the neutral gray of the concrete. This DIY concrete votive are manufactured by actually using different vessels, gold foil, metallic spray paint and some other significant extra supplies. Look at all the details on Monster circus.

Great votive lanterns made of concrete

metal gloss interior design lanterns from concrete

In a similar manner, also Claire Zakheus by Camille Styles created the models from their project of the DIY-cement planter collection. And without the metallic accents, they certainly had not the same amiable charisma! The project includes also the use of quick-drying cement, containers of different sizes, grey paint and a few other ingredients more. The metallic accented planters are worth the time and effort, not agree to us?

Square pots – gold plated

metal gloss interior design square flower pots from cement

To try out yet another DIY project with metal flair, this shiny brick bookends see map – also one of the many original ideas realized Claire Zakheus by Camille Styles. We are fascinated in the truest sense by the way as Claire has incorporated into her work using of white and gold spray paint tips motifs. And it goes without saying – to do this you have to love the creative use of bricks just sincere! Is for anyone else on the thoughts come see this Gold Nugget well enough off to be eaten?

Bookend Indian shiny flair-

metal gloss interior design Golden bookend

Continue Studio pair metallic silvery with a Peacock, offered by dwell. These charming birds are made of nickel-plated iron. Artistically made, they come from the far India and the sculptor was inspired by a flea market finds to their design! We enjoy the Chinoiserie effect which arising from the fact that it has been the bird statuette from a floral wallpaper…

A great couple – two peacocks made of metal

metal gloss interior design two peacocks

Again a product of dwell Studio: discover the charm of the next gleaming silver converge Votive candle holder! Despite their small stature, this nickel products with a large portion were completed style and flair for the expressiveness of geometric shapes. Although they are sold as individual pieces, we find the tip, to group them for two (or three, four, etc.) and to give your rooms a strong geometric stamping, not bad at all!

Two stylish candle holder in nickel

metal gloss interior design great bright lanterns from nickel

Candle holder in fact offer a great way to refresh your interior with metal license. Especially when they are so dazzling as the dahlia-candle holders-set of CB2. Below we see one of the pieces made of faience, with a glossy Golden glaze. Note: the second piece is similar to petals are only closed. And Yes, both make an amazing couple!

As pure gold – dahlia candle holder

metal gloss interior design Golden candlesticks in the form of lotuses

We move to the vases from the candleholders… Dwell Studio offered Starfish vase in a Matt silver hue is not made of metal and ceramic shaped! The same model is also available in a gold and white version, but we have preferred the Irresistibility of the silver vase because it reminds of the shimmer of the sea…

A closed Starfish – silver plated

metal gloss interior design silver Starfish vase

Dwell Studio us attracts the following, available in three different sizes glass vases with their ornament from gold stripes. The glass cylinder were produced in Poland, with glittering details in 14-karätigem gold. Imagine just as these vases, placed on the table in the dining room with a flickering candle nearby, would flicker. Very suitable to entertain during the holidays or just to do this, that you even enrich your facility by modern metallic accents for a change on any day of the year!

Very fine – ornate, filigree gold plating on the glass vases

metal gloss interior design vases from gold-plated glass

Now we see the vases with a variety of other decorative items displayed, such as the object with the bouncing apart tubes (tubular burst objet), mounted on a solid cube of white marble, and the tube-like sculpture made of brass (bottom right). Due to its old-fashioned design, this specific piece to the mix and pairing with retro finds is simply ideal. But on the other hand we can not deny its definitely too trendy-looking appearance and the ways and means, as the gold tone in combination with the crisp white color of the base’s clearly stands out, regardless of make.

Metallic shimmer – chic finds

metal gloss interior design finds

Would you serve delicious food in stylish metal bowls and plates? The three-tier Etagere by Pottery Barn with presentation, which is similar to the antique silver, will do this job for you! So designed, that it evokes the idea of the classic hotel silver, is this gem to the tables on desserts or appetizers very well suited. His understated brilliance will ensure is no competition for the food, even if the look of the stacked shells is truly outstanding!

Feasting with style

metal gloss interior design three-storey cake stand Silver

You know the practice where at the end of a festive meal two people who have entered into a bet, tearing apart the poultry breast bone, to see who the larger piece remains determined? The napkin rings with metallic Golden Sheen, designed by Pottery Barn as a gift set, you can see below evoke the memory of this tradition, this time by using cast aluminium and gold lacquer…

Fancy napkin rings in the form of a fish bone

metal gloss interior design herringbone napkin ring

Who says that pieces of metal were unfit for the ladies, because they bring little to their beautification? This ornamented with small Kleen bath accessories from West Elm are made of porcelain, which one has decorated with clover shaped metallic pressure patterns. The silver details work at the same time modern and timeless, especially against the backdrop of the clear white tones and the simple forms…

Fine floral pattern in the bathroom

metal gloss interior design bathroom Accessouries metallic

Shiny metallic carpets and textiles

Now we get to see that us presents itself in the form of carpets, pillows, napkins and much more the softer side of metal decorative elements. This woolen mats with metallic surface by Maxwell-silver New York patch rugs are hand-woven Dhurrie-. Strips of recycled cotton, and recycled metal art pieces of cloth were used for their manufacture and it – far from, to be arrogant – perfectly suited to today’s topic about decorative pieces with Metalloutfitt more than. Sometimes, a hint of shine is all that the thing requires…

Small carpets with metallic lustre

metal gloss interior design small carpets with silver threads

At the sight of this rustic luxury pillowcase with Tile-shaped patterns and sequins if one imagines really a tiles factory with shimmering borders. It’s so easy: the continuous motif in shades of gold and zinnernen highlights the neutral base, where thanks to the glittering substance every curve and every angle clearly looming.

Rustic luxury – pillowcases decorated with sequins

metal gloss interior design rustic luxury with gold sequins

We find the next pillow cases listed as metal brushes from West Elm just pointed. Earthy and shiny at the same time, they reach their distinctive appearance due to the effect of the silver and gold shading. But these colors that you used, are not among those well-known dazzling shock-like versions of the metallic tones. Instead, it looks as it would have swept a subtly shimmering coat of paint on each cushion. Note: Content are sold separately.

Subtle shine in the living room

metal gloss interior design cushion covers with subtle glitter

Yet another subtle decoration piece from West Elm is the below metallic placemat with a Plait pattern that might remind you of your favorite winter sweater. Due to the varied usefulness of its universal decoration, these documents be brought through a process of print with silver foil can be combined both casual and elegant. Products as hand-made from linen and cotton pack them the attention quite sharply, don’t you think?

Metallicfarbene, fine pattern

metal gloss interior design discreet placemat

As last proposal we present West ELMS set from metal-coloured napkins with printed diamond pattern – fitted cotton and linen cloth, with effective shiny prints. This table tips manufactured in India are ideal for large and fun festivals. Or alternatively, the table for a simple dinner at home with the dearest people to clean up…

Napkin set – stylish and glossy

metal gloss interior design great napkin set from fabric

Have you also fond of these new variations of the metallic decoration? Do you like the subtle Sheen or would be better it if it sparkles a bit more? Which metal decor ideas have you selected and integrated into the Interior of your rooms? You can tell us about your design style by leaving a comment below…

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