Succulent In The Glass Eye – 40 Creative Decoration Ideas With Plants

Succulents in the glass accents in the room and the interest

Some of the most beautiful decorations in the apartment are with plants and flowers. The houseplants are popular not only because of their decorative function, but also because they create a healthy indoor climate. Some plants reduce typical housing toxins and give off oxygen. Headaches, fatigue and concentration problems are a consequence of the poor indoor climate. The dragon tree, the Green Lily and the Ficus are among the plants that clean the air and thus provide a better living. However, some plants are mainly used as decoration. How about the Succulents.

Succulents in the glass bring freshness in a subtle manner

succulent in the glass round bowl

Not all plants are suitable for the home. That’s why we distinguish between garden and houseplants. The Succulents in arouse greater interest among the houseplants. If you want to put on something non-typical, they are perfect. There is here a variety of decorative ideas with plants. Vertical garden, flowers in vases, flowerpots… The latter are not always a must… Especially when talking about Succulents.

Positioned in a glass, rather than in a plant pot, fascinate Succulents by an attractive presence in the room. Jars and bowls made of glass are other possibilities. Have you heard of terrariums? With Succulents creates imaginative terrariums!

Succulents in the glass – mini decorations with plants

succulent in the glass mini beautiful decorating

Glass vessels allow the Succulents better come to the fore

succulent in the glass decode idea

Room decoration is always trendy with plants. There is no better way to introduce a natural flair in the apartment, as the decoration with plants. They fit well anywhere and refresh the ambience. Succulents are fully in trend! It is also important that what you select for the plants for a container.  But you should also not forget the drainage. Also, the glass containers protect dust the leaves of the plant. A practical idea for apartment decoration so!

Make the Succulents in a glass, emphasize their beauty

succulent in the glass terrarium diy ideas

Hanging terrarium with Succulents

succulent in the glass hanging terrarium

As we all know from our own experience, plants need care: a really important aspect when it comes to plants. Because my heart: us remains less and less time to take care of the plants in the everyday hustle and bustle. In terms of plant care, succulents are not vain. You need little water and can easily multiply. Important reasons why they are so popular!

Creative Austrahlt, which you can do yourself

succulent in the glass houseplants decode idea

Succulent species arrange

succulent in the glass beautifully arrange

Colored decorating with Succulents

succulent houseplants of decode ideas inside outside

Style decorate the table with succulent terrarium

succulent houseplants terrarium gravel decode

Succulents are a good choice as houseplants. We arranged this small eye-catcher as in a glass and you get the perfect decoration for any room. We have experienced one of the most attractive plant arrangements with Succulents! There are no limits to creativity!

Stylish decoration for the side table in the living room

succulent in the glass contrasts dekoideen houseplants

Combine Succulents types and forms of glass

succulent in the glass terraruim fashion hang

In addition to decorate the terrarium

succulent in the glass decode yourself tinker

Succulents in jars

succulent in the glass jars use

Suitable also for the balcony

succulent in the glass nice decoration idea itself make

As a Dekovase

succulent in the glass gravel beautiful decode houseplants

Combine multiple terrariums for better accents in the room

succulent in the glass hanging decoration ideas

Decorating ideas with Succulents

succulent in the glass ideas hanging terrarium

Succulents and gravel are a natural combination

succulent in the glass terrarium gravel

There is enough free space for your creativity!

succulent in the glass creative decode idea

White decorative stones bring the Succulents in the foreground

succulent in the glass several ideas

Terrarium with Succulents brings a fresh flair in the apartment

succulent in the glass stylish decode

Succulents have different colors

succulent in the glass terrarium decode

Creative idea for a coloured enclosure

succulent in the glass terrarium decoration ideas

Succulents as easy to grow houseplants

succulent in the glass terrarium idea failed

Combine with cacti Succulents

succulent in the glass terrarium stone

Stylish decoration even for outdoor use

succulent in the glass terraruim arrange

succulent houseplants of decode ideas terrarium

succulent houseplants jars of wanddeko ideas

succulent houseplants glass jars

succulent houseplants terrarium glass decode

succulent houseplants terrarium arrange dekoideen

succulent houseplants stone terrarium glass

succulent houseplants dekoideen indoor and outdoor

succulent houseplants decode ideas seabed

succulent plants plant dekoideen

succulent houseplants dekoideen stylish terrarium

succulent houseplants dekoiden terrarium garden

succulent houseplants fensterdeko diy terrarium

succulent houseplants glass decode idea

succulent houseplants decode ideas glass