Summer Party Decorations – Three Refreshing And Colourful Topics

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summer party decoration ideas colored cupcakes tidbits

Three refreshing themes for colourful summer party decoration

Now it’s finally really summer and tempting, to have even more fun. Do you have now that the weather is warm, any barbecue parties or gatherings planned? Today we present you three super great topics, which correspond to the summer mood.

You can apply this way, even if you plan no parties!

Pineapple party decoration ideas

Do we start with this summery fruit? Partydeko is suitable for all ages with such a motive. One associates it with the serene, festive mood of the summer. Welcome your guests welcome with the flower garlands, which are made from foam rings.

Partydeko with pineapple motifs

summer party decoration ideas wall decoration pineapple of Luftbalons

If it is decorative, you can’t go wrong practically, if you use fresh fruit and tropical green. Make an arrangement out of these for the side table and other surfaces in your home. So, you will distribute a fresh mood in this.

Fresh fruit and tropical green

summer party decoration ideas wall wallpaper pineapple pictures fruit houseplants

Do you want to learn even more clever ideas for Central pieces? Then, you create the pineapple bin. Cut out a series of triangles from colored paper. Attach these to a glass and then populate it with Succulents. You will have leaves of Ananassen.

Clever ideas for summer party decoration

summer party decoration pineapple houseplants ideas

Please that the fruit motifs and tropical style are of key importance for this summer party theme. Use the homemade soda cups as inspiration. Offer your guests the opportunity to indulge in this great way.

What do you think of blackberries pineapple soda with a coconut sorbet?

summer party decoration ideas colored drinks

Surprise your guests with an Eyecatcher dessert. The idea above is also from Oh happy day. These desserts not only look good, but they are also very tasty.

Eyecatcher dessert

summer party decoration ideas colored cupcakes tidbits

Cool the whole thing with strawberries-Orange ice cream on a stick. Below in the image one has arranged these with a tray of lemon slices and strawberries. Is this exhibition not unique and great?

Strawberry-Orange ice cream on a stick

summer party decoration ideas ice fruit strawberries Orange

Home, send your guests not with empty hands. Give them small chocolate bars and other great stuff, which are wrapped in gift paper.

The packaging below represent DIY projects

summer party decoration ideas Verpackungspapuiere pineapple colorful threads

Flamingo fun summer party decoration

We want to go to the next topic? Now, it’s about a flamingo party which is dipped in pastel shades and summer style. Also this style reminds strongly of the 80’s and that’s why he is particularly appealing for fans of retro design.

Most Flamingo arrangements not to settle with the colour appearance of the flamingos themselves, but provide more colorful accents around chocolates and other sweets.

Flamingo party in pastel shades and summer style

colorful table decorations summer party decoration ideas colorful table decorations summer party

With oversized pink balloons you can go really wrong. Tropical greenery and palm leaves motifs also wonderfully complement this theme. Below we see a chic baby shower of Palm Beach, which was carried out in a particularly luxurious style.

Summer party table decorations with pink balloons

table decorations summer party decoration ideas Luftbalons Rosa summer tablecloth candles

This pink Flamingo Fusche brings together my favorite elements. Not a bad idea, or?

pink table decorations summer party decoration ideas pink flamingos garden

You make want to by a pink tablecloth for a great mood in your room? Here one has also brought the party accessories as decoration used. The napkins and Coctailschirmchen have made for a great tropical look.

Colorful Coctailschirmchen

summer party decoration Coctailschirmchen pink tablecloth

Here we see another version of the Flamingo party. The pink drink must be! If it were to Zitronade or something else – that is up to you!

Flamingo party soft drink

summer party organize colored soft drinks

With all the sweets don’t forget, to make a few nibbles on the table. We find amazing on Freshideeno this anti pasta skewers. This one has attached to several great products, about Käsetortini, pepperoni and olives. Register also perfectly in the Flamingo-color palette.

Make tasty snacks on the table

summer party decoration table ceiling tidbits

Now we come to the gifts that you give your guests for the home? Make sure that the candy in some pink are packed around the bags below. These below are DIY projects, by the way also.

Einladungskärtchen DIY DIY projects – summer party

invitation summer party Deko Rosa flamingos cards

Summer crumble

Our last idea is spreading, or more accurately said: to many sprinkles! These small rays of the Sun are fashionable again. It comes again to a retrospective of the 80’s. The sprinkles are handy and tasty, if applied to great desserts.

Looking back on the 80s

colourful summer party decoration ideas dessert

What kind of decoration would be ideal for your summer party? What’s with confetti? No matter whether you decide to balloons or colored dots on the wall, you should be afraid is not to be something wild. Children are really appreciate your effort.

Confetti and balloons

colourful summer party decoration ideas kids room Luftbalons wall decoration

As you can see it on the basis of this image, this idea is ideal for children. She will amuse the adults but at the same time. This applies particularly to this shaky pudding jelly!


colourful summer party decoration ideas dessert tarts baking table decorations

Enjoy this ice cream pillow by the land of nod for your unique summer party decoration inspiration! I would also use it as a super original gift.

Original gift ideas

colorful table decorations summer party decoration ideas ice from fabric yourself DIY

Here is still a dessert idea: Donnut cake. He must be covered with sprinkles of course!

colourful summer party decoration ideas dessert cake myself baking

Want to let us look at a few ideas for farewell gifts? What are some glasses full of candy? The idea is again by oh joy! Particularly great, the containers all visit Freshideen. Would they not the perfect punctuation for at your party?

Perfect punctuation on your party

colourful summer party decoration ideas

Which the ideas have attracted your attention? Maybe could you incorporate some or all of these in your interior design?

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