Summer Work From Great Flower Containers

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work Geraniums of blue window frames rustic

Work – stylish flower ideas for your facade in the summer

In the summer you have gifts from nature, which you can enjoy with its fullest. These are the beautiful colors of flowers. You can have enough of them! We advise you strongly to give free rein to your imagination and think about where you can use them anywhere.

Have you thought of flower decoration for the window? This is a great strategy, spice up your House façade in the summer. See what we found for great examples for you!

Flowers as decoration for the roof window

If you use flowers as a work on the roof, you Crown the façade in a fascinating manner. Your House will look very special and original.

Fill a metal planter with natural fibers

Fensterdefensterdeko mixed flowers green plants shutter metal planters

Bold leaves

Regardless of which light openings, there are some general nice strategies. You can use for the great color on the flowers, but also on the leaves. There are a number of species of flowers which can secure this effect.

Plants which just grow

The work must be fun and make your life easier, not more difficult. To have this rule in mind, if you choose the right plants. The flowers and the Green that you choose should be easy to clean.

Homemade flower pots wooden look especially comfortable

Fensterdeko Langer of rectangular planter wooden planks

Dramatically to create a large window

Big, stylish and absolutely perfect facades often lack drama and emotions. Decoration ideal relaxes the whole window with different Flash nuances, which lives and changed every day!

Put on the wealth

The work with plants must either provide wealth or not. There are different strategies to achieve this so much coveted effect. The plants that cascade fall down are a possibility.

Traditional one-storey house with perfect symmetry

work plant petunias white planter

For more elegance white

Completely white Windows are a very stylish solution. But sometimes, and this is it very sterile one especially in the summer. To change this, without losing level and elegance, with green leaves and beautiful white flowers, plants containers are recommended. They are available in many variants on the market. Some are kaskadenförmig, others have the character of a mini summer meadow. Look around and decide what would be right for your decoration on the window.

Pastel shades

Another type of work which is stylish and classic, consists of the plants in pastel shades. There are many great flowers that would be fitting! We especially like the lobelia and you?

Rustic shutters and magnificent Petunia – simply the classic

work Petunia hanging window

Decoration for the window, but perhaps also for the porch

You can spice up your Windows, but also the verandas by this kind of decoration. Even these items this would correspond beautifully with each other. What do you think?

Unusual leaves

Do you fancy a slightly whimsical look for the decoration on your window? This can make also the facade once original look. Look for the matching flower types and I’m sure you will not regret the results.

Noble flowers on the white window

work long flower pot Petunia balanced

Plant that correspond with the rest of the decoration at the window

It’s certainly something tedious to organise that the plants with the rest of the window covering is wonderfully correspond the decoration. Take the time however. How to reach an upscale and if required, quite classic look.

Contrast with the wall

Not infrequently, the contrast is everything needs a facade to be livelier and more beautiful. With the appropriate flowers, you can create them easily. Maybe you prefer but the monochrome set up?

Beautiful spring flowers for more freshness and vitality

work spring flowers daffodils hyacinth

Create a great mix of different concepts

As you’ve just seen, there are many different kinds of plants that can be used as work. Some grow upwards, others form Cascades. Some types of flowers are by their beautiful flowers, and more conspicuous due to the great leaves. Why not try to create a combination of all this?

Insert the floral beauty in your home!

work spring flowers freesias blue rain inside of

White paint your old, wooden flower pots for a harmonious contrast

work mixed colorful flowers Snapdragon Petunia

Cyclamen give a gentle, elegant touch the window sill

Fensterdeko Langer rectangular flower pot flowers kind of

Fairy with red Geraniums and Ivy

work red geranium Ivy

For real bonsai fans who stand on tradition

work traditionally wooden Flowerpot green bonsai trees

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