Sustainable Building – Architectural Insights Into The Future

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sustainable building round shapes floating village tree of life

Sustainable building at the plant tree of life (trees of life)

Tree of life is only a part of the title of this work, which today would like to introduce you. We have taken out just this snippet, however he best known as the team of architects on the subject of sustainable building stands. You seem not only purely technical to be aligned. Sustainability has a philosophical sense, which is so important in the face of the global challenges before us.

Background of design

The complete designation of the project’s floating waterfront village: trees of life (floating village on the shore: trees of life). The town, for which it is intended, is known also as Venice of China. It is located on the Pearl River Delta of China. However, the increasing number of the population has great challenges ahead. On the one hand, the inhabitants need much more space for the own homes. At the same time, the country about which you have is becoming increasingly scarce. Also, you want to not destroy the landscape on the ground due to the construction. We mean that in the literal sense.

A futuristic project – floating waterfront village

sustainable building futuristic architecture

Because at first glance, if you look at the sketches of the project, is to recognize that by imitating the design of the trees, the buildings occupy here relatively little space. You distribute the habitats in the height approximately on the same principle, as these plants in nature.

Sustainable aspects of architecture

Can now explicitly give us the aspects of sustainability in building. First of all, you can find an answer to the increasing demand for housing for the large population. Secondly, it does not prevent the development of flora, which spreads out close to the ground. Last but not least, but also the population is protected against problems with the flowing water. This shows, it has drawn the necessary conclusions from history. It was too much, that people around located in low places around the River, brought by floods several times in danger.

The Sun Tower by Bart Chompff and James Park, Australia

sustainable building Bart Chompff James Park Australia

The design concept

The built skyscrapers are to rise to 300 metres into the sky. The sustainability of this architecture is reflected in the healthy environment, the buildings go higher.

The shape of the high-rise buildings this mimics the Banyan tree. It grows in South China. More habitable elements have been installed directly below the top of the Crown. They also contribute to the further integration of the architecture in the area.

Clou city by Jürg Burger, Switzerland

sustainable building to highlight city Juerg Burger Switzerland

Many others show sustainable building of the trees of life in addition to this purely practical aspects. The buildings function as an energy saving system. You can use it also for viewing the surrounding landscape, art and environmental education.

The many faces of the high-rise buildings

You are done certainly myself, from the newly written, that the tree of life project can have several different identifications. Not only for the ordinary people, but also for the science it is so. The integration of some scientific institutions is intended for the construction. These are among the stations for the observation of the climate, as well as research station for agricultural economics. Also, the buildings feature a vertical support structure, which is used for collecting and storing water.

The Obelisk skyscraper of Jun Hao Ong, Malaysia

sustainable building Obelisk Jun Hao Ong Malaysia

From a philosophical perspective, this is like a message from the present to the future. Even if everything in this area will disappear, these buildings would still exist. You will be a significant indication, as once was the relationship between man and nature.

Shining skyscrapers of CAI Zeyu and you Dikang, China

sustainable building CAI Zeyu and you Dikang China

The Liberator skyscraper by Ming Liu, Chen Chen, and Cho never, China

sustainable building liberator skyscraper Ming Liu Chen Chen Cho never China

The cloud crater favela by Rodrigo Hernandez, Mexico

sustainable building Mexico favela skyscraper Rodrigo Hernandez

The oculus by Rodrigo Carmona, United States

sustainable building Oculus Rodrigo Carmona USA

Glass tunnel skyscraper of SI Hoon Choi, South Korea

sustainable building South Korea SI Hoon Choi

Termite Tower of Chong Wang, China

sustainable building termite skyscraper Chong Wang China

The water tower for Somalia by Nurzhanat Kenenov, Singapore

sustainable building water skyscrapers Somalia Nurzhanat Kenenov Singapore

The magical wind farm in the tropopause Jiaqi Sun, China

sustainable building wind farm tropopause Jiaqi Sun China

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