Table Decoration Wedding – 88 Festive Inspirations For Your Most Important Day

Posted on Nov 16, 2015

table decoration wedding Herbstdeko pumpkins lanterns roses

Original tips and ideas for your elegant table decoration wedding

You want to celebrate your wedding soon and have left the decoration for the last moment? Or maybe you want to celebrate in an any other season? In both situations you should see below the examples on a festive table decoration for your wedding. You are inspired by the autumn, but most can be used also for other seasons.

Still we would point out, that the most decorations can be used also on other occasions, not just weddings the.

Colors in the appropriate shades

Restrained, minimalist and yet very warm a modern party should feel, say the experts in this field. The colors and the shapes of the autumn achieve exactly this effect. Everything, including the wedding table decoration can be run in such a style.

Autumn table decoration for your wedding

table decoration wedding autumn decoration flowers fruit candle holders

Wood and tree trunks

Tree trunks and wood come in nature at the falling of the leaves strongly accentuated. You get a natural and near-natural look but as a wedding decoration during any season.

Simple, minimalist table decoration wedding

table decoration wedding floral natural wood the decoration

Flash colours and Golden fruits of nature

Wedding table decoration must not exclude the Flash traces autumn style. These occur at this time of year. Some of these serve as the basis for bowls with fruits and other vessels with the gifts of nature in the typical Brown, Golden and fiery shades beautifully.

Can just eat with the eye

table decoration wedding floral vintage pot candle holders tomato


If you would equate the fall with a style, which is clearly the vintage. The youthful character loses everything, but at the same time it is aging in a chic and elegant manner.

Romantic nostalgia at the wedding table

table decoration wedding floral retro decoration Fotokarmera

Referring to Christmas

For many people, which is autumn characterised above all by the expectation of soon coming Christmas. Certainly there is nothing bad in it. This is only an occasion, spice up the neutral character of the Interior with great green branches and red accents. This concept can be wonderfully applied to the wedding table decoration.

Christmas table decoration in neutral colors

table decoration wedding Herbstdeko rustic tree stem washer

Let dominate the Red!

The red dominates in the autumn and it amazes us just at this time with the various nuances in which it appears. Use it as accent of wedding decoration and provide a dramatic grading to yellow, pink, green.

Combine red roses with Black Lace

table decoration wedding Spanish style Black Lace Red Roses

The pumpkin

The pumpkin integrates difficult without direct reference to the fall in a table decoration for the wedding. But the concerns above all his form and real presence. From the nuances you can inspiration for such an institution in every any season.

Very much in terms of table decoration is with pumpkins on

table decoration wedding autumn painted glittering pumpkins

Decorate the festive table with autumn leaves and pillar candles

table decorations wedding pillar candles fall leaves pumpkins

Don’t forget the seasonal fruits and cones

table decoration wedding Herbstdeko white rose Apple pin

Quite fit for a wedding in the late summer or Thanksgiving

table decorations wedding Herbstdeko flowers fall leaves

Stylish DIY table decoration with autumn leaves

table decorations wedding autumn table decorations themselves make

Tastefully arrange gorgeous autumn flowers with fresh, warm colours

table decoration wedding floral Chrysanthemum acorns lenses

Chic, subtle table decoration for the wedding in the winter

table decorations wedding tree trunk Einweckgläser white flowers Succulents

table decoration wedding floral snow crystals paper bird cages lanterns

The glitter in silver suggests the coming snow

table decorations wedding floral winter white candle holder lanterns

table decorations wedding glass crystals lanterns

It’s Christmas soon…

table decoration wedding winter decoration Tannenbaum zweige pillar candles clementines

table decoration wedding Herbstdeko Orange slots carnations

Gold shimmer fits particularly well to this special time of year

table decoration wedding hydrangea rose gold glitter candle holders

Silver integrates very nicely with bright rose

table decorations wedding small glass vases of roses white flowers

Succulents get amazingly perfect along with branches of FIR and silver caps

table decorations wedding winter decoration ideas succulent branches of FIR cones star

DIY decorated flower vase with white pearls and delicate lace

table decorations floral DIY wedding vase jar Pearl tip

Glamorous vintage table decoration with gold accents

table decorations wedding floral Chevron gold gloss Crystal glasses

Springtime table decoration with gentle flowers

table decorations wedding floral minimalist cacti

Peonies are among the most popular flowers for the table decorations in the spring

table decoration wedding floral Peony vintage

White and pink roses of course

table decoration wedding floral silver retro glass Vasen

Delicate tulips in high glasses decorate

table decoration wedding floral tulips romantic candles

Blossoming peach branches – the classic in the spring

table decoration wedding Frühlingsdeko blossoming branches Einweckgläser

Yellow more fresh and cheerful mood will lend the table decoration

table decoration wedding daffodils sunflower lemons

Customize Petite DIY vases from old light bulbs

table decoration wedding original DIY decoration Volgelkäfige Glübirnen vase

Fresh berries can be quite used as table decorations for the wedding

table decoration wedding floral Berry late summer

Floral continues

table decoration wedding floral dahlias natural wood balloon

Timeless gold and beautiful flowers

table decoration wedding floral DIY vase gold spray

Bird cages full of flowers are fully in line with the trend

table decoration wedding summer spring delicate flowers birdcage

Roses are simply irreplaceable when it comes to floral decoration for the wedding

table decoration wedding floral DIY vases of roses Peony

DIY DIY lanterns made of tree bark

table decorations floral DIY wedding lanterns bark roses

Use fragrant Lavender for a romantic Provence atmosphere as table decorations

table decorations wedding floral Einweckgläser Lavender summer

You can try it of course also just fine with wild growing wildflowers

table decorations wedding floral wild flowers herbs

And how about a beach wedding?

table decoration wedding floral glass lanterns beach wedding

Delicate lace and old picture frame make for a distinctive vintage look

table decoration wedding floral glass porcelain vases of lace roses Peony

For true nature lovers and purists

table decorations wedding white candles porcelain bowls Moss pin table decorations wedding floral candles lanterns

table decoration wedding floral Lavender lights lanterns tip table decoration wedding floral note paper lace vintage look

table decoration wedding floral original candle vases

table decoration wedding floral paper lamps pastels table decoration wedding Blumendeko Rosen crystal candlesticks

table decoration wedding floral Gold candle holder white roses

table decorations Blumendeko Rosen wedding bird cages

table decoration wedding bonsai mini gardens DIY decoration

table decorations wedding spring spices purist table decorations table decoration wedding floral summer bulbs

table decoration wedding floral summer autumn

table decorations wedding floral of succulent DIY vase silver

table decoration wedding DIY vases dahlias table decorations floral vintage rustic wedding bird cages Succulents

table decoration wedding floral white hydrangea rose Starfish

table decorations wedding floral white roses colorful ethnic table decorations table decoration wedding floral delicate white flowers plate doses vases table decoration wedding DIY decorative white hydrangeas key

table decorations wedding DIY table decorations Birch zweige flowers

table decoration wedding Blumendeko Rosen spring branches table decorations wedding Ivy Votives candles table decoration wedding glass beads rose

table decorations wedding pomegranates Crystal glasses candles table decoration wedding Herbstdeko lanterns rose Apple table decorations wedding Cactus of succulent subtropical decoration

table decoration wedding fruit decoration summer

table decorations wedding Orange rose Glaspflaschen

table decorations wedding Larnakes cake bells Moss

table decoration wedding purist decoration gold plate

table decorations wedding robust table green glasses

table decoration wedding rustic decoration idea

table decorations wedding floating candles branches cylinder vases table decoration wedding summer rose bird cages Ivy table decoration wedding Beach summer decoration Starfish succulent Driftwood

table decorations wedding stripe black white gold plate cutlery white hydrangeas

table decorations wedding tropical decoration pineapple palm leaves

table decoration wedding vintage glass bottles rose table decorations wedding vintage Driftwood shell stones table decoration wedding white pillar candles Peony Succulents

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