Table Decorations In Blue For Weddings, Anniversaries And Other Festive Occasions

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Table Setting Blue – 90 beautiful ideas for a stylish festive mood

There are some special events in the calendar of family celebrations, which are carried out in a romantic, elegant, upscale, and yet this harmonious mood. These are above all the weddings, the engagements, baptisms, and the anniversaries.

Table Setting Blue is elegant and looks good

tischdeko blue table runners candles star

Blue is a color, linking all of these properties. It is for this reason, along with gold and white in such cases most often selected. It seems the two other options increasingly prefer blue for table decoration in recent years. Perhaps it is because that she always somehow harmoniously and never to tiresome effect.

Blue layer – based or supplement

At the beginning you decision mainly this reason – to used blue as main layer or as an adjunct in the table decorations? The effect is equally strong in both cases, and it depends on the context, what would be better in your case. We recommend the blue background if the ambience is simple in itself and should be refined through the table decorations.

Combine Table Setting Blue – blue shades

tischdeko blue seemingly table runners candles

Spice up the blue table cloth with coloured flowers

tischdeko blue table cloth flowers festive table decorations

If you have but beautiful and dominant interior design or you spend the Festival out there in nature, then the blue color should rather enhance their impact. Otherwise creates a kind of competition between atmosphere and table decorations, and that makes the whole thing really stressful.

The cake

Almost any of the listed events has a pie on the daily schedule. You is somewhere in the middle of the room, and becomes the center of the table decorations. It would probably be not a bad idea, they serve as the center of the blue table concept to let.

The cake can be even a decoration

tischdeko blue wedding cake celebrate

Cakes can tell fairy tales…

tischdeko blue wedding cake celebrate white background

Whether Blue represents the major or the accent nuance, depends on the situation. The light blue on white is great for weddings and baptisms, where the symbolism of the purity of the new beginning should dominate. Cake in light blue would have the same effect. Here, we would recommend delicate white decoration like this which mimics top. In addition to the cake, you can make some other desserts or dishes in blue.

Candy as table decorations

tischdeko blue cake cakes festive table decorations

Dark blue table decorations

The dark blue table decorations is “heavier” and dominant. It emphasises the noble character of the Festival. The aspect of romanticism and the beginning of the nine this purely symbolic move in the background. Dark blue has a rustic, traditional, yes even conservatively speaking. Can you feel that even the displayed examples below?

Blue and white look stylishly together

tischdeko blue flowers candles festive

Yellow tulips refresh the dark blue tablecloth

tischdeko blue dark blue tablecloth yellow accents

Dark blue ceiling made of fine fabric are a very good choice for the wedding table decorations. On the white elements are particularly strong.

For an even finer effect, we would add elements in off white and other inventive and modern nuances of the white.

Silver, candles and everything that brings a little more Polish and at the same time kept the neutrality is also welcome at the dark blue table decorations.

Blue candles give a feminine mood

tischdeko blue candles glass colored tablecloth

Natural elements in blue

Flowers and blossoms in blue make an occasion more festive. They can be used as the main color, or as an accent. Natural blue decorative elements are complementary such super with the artificial, such as candles or candle holders.

What reason would you celebrate in blue? Perhaps you would simply something special with Table decorations blue from a supposedly normal dinner.

Decorate the table with blue flowers

tischdeko blue table decorating ideas

Select Blue theme of garden party

tischdeko blue accents white table cloth flowers

Combine Pastel Shades

tischdeko blue table festive table runner decorate cake

Spring Decoration for the table

tischdeko blue accents plate colored tulips of green table runner

Festive table decorations with blue elements

tischdeko blue accents table festive decor eggs

Decorate the table with blue and yellow

tischdeko blue decode yellow tulips

Cool blue tablecloth by colored glasses

tischdeko blue tablecloth colored glasses

The table decorations look elegant in blue

tischdeko Blue Blue accents napkins turtle

Select Blue tableware

tischdeko blue elements dishwasher white flowers

Create contrast on the table

tischdeko blue table Runner Black tablecloth contrast

Combine white tablecloth with blue table runner

tischdeko blue table runner white table cloth color contrast

Blue is a stylish colour for the festive table decorations

tischdeko blue napkins of blue table runner

Combine white tablecloth with blue napkins

tischdeko blue napkin blumendeko white tablecloth

Red flowers pimp blue dishes on

tischdeko blue become dishes flowers

Blue candy as table decorations

tischdeko blue Candy Cake festive

Decorate the festichen table for the children’s Party in blue

tischdeko Blue Blue tablecloth balloons chairs party

tischdeko blue tablecloth blue chairs

tischdeko blue tablecloth yellow anzente flowers

tischdeko blue tablecloth

tischdeko blue tablecloth white candles plant

tischdeko blue dark blue accents light white tablecloth

tischdeko blue Grandad festive decoration

tischdeko blue Grandad kinderparty-dekoideen

tischdeko blue tableware balloons festive

tischdeko blue light pink tablecloth

tischdeko blue gingham tablecloth yellow napkins

tischdeko blue fun tablecloth tableware

tischdeko blue napkins dark blue accents

tischdeko blue tablecloth build elements blumendeko

tischdeko blue tablecloth blue elements flowers

tischdeko blue colored napkins tablecloth

tischdeko blue tablecloth blue checkered decode

tischdeko blue table festive decorating stripes tablecloth

tischdeko blue table runner white tablecloth festive

tischdeko blue heart cake white tablecloth

tischdeko Blue Christmas festive table decorations Christmas balls white tablecloth

festive tischdeko blue accents flowers tablecloth candles

festive tischdeko blue accents, elegant table runner

organize festive tischdeko blue accents Grandad

festive tischdeko blue accents candles tulips

festive tischdeko blue flowers etsy

festive tischdeko blue flowers white top green

festive tischdeko blue dekovasen glass blumendeko

festive tischdeko blue dekovasen table runners zig zag pattern

festive tischdeko blue accents white tablecloth

festive tischdeko blue glasses dekovase flowers

holiday tischdeko blue table cloth flowers festive romantic gartenparty

festive tischdeko blue tablecloth flower vases gartenparty

festive tischdeko blue tablecloth coloured elements

festive tischdeko blue tablecloth green white accents

festive tischdeko blue tablecloth Red Roses white chairs

festive table decorations blue flowers decorating

festive tischdeko the nuances of blue candy

festive tischdeko bluer table runner Golden accents

festive tischdeko flowers wood rustic woman candle Garden Decor

festive tischdeko flowers Easter

festive tischdeko dark blue napkin festive dekoideen

festive tischdeko dark golden highlights white flowers

festive tischdeko dark blue tablecloth elegant orange accents

festive tischdeko dark blue tablecloth candles flowers dekoideen

festive tischdeko dark blue tablecloth white flowers

festive tischdeko eleganate decode red flowers

festive table decorations fresh creative dekoideen

festive tischdeko yellow tablecloth blue accents

festive tischdeko light blue flowers romantic

festive table decorations light blue table flowers decorate

festive tischdeko light blue table cloth flowers candles

gartenparty festive tischdeko light blue tablecloth

festive tischdeko light blue tablecloth romantic candles flowers

festive tischdeko light blue tablecloth red napkins

festive table decorations light blue light pink pastel combine

festive tischdeko party ideas decode blue tablecloth

festive tischdeko pink accents dark blue

festive tischdeko stripes tablecloth blue flowers

festive tischdeko tablecloth dark blue festive

festive tischdeko tablecloth elegant festive

festive tischdeko tablecloth cushion gartenparty

festive tischdeko tablecloth spßigkeiten contrast

festive tischdeko cake blue accents

festive table decorations Christmas Snow Maiden Silver accents

festive tischdeko white tablecloth dark blue napkins

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