The 5 Most Creative Container Houses From Europe

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container architecture remarkable container houses House from containers

Living in the container: creative container houses from Europe

Crack new times for the real estate market. The construction industry is booming and many see the prospect of a private home in the currently low interest rates. But here a new trend has evolved slowly but surely taking hold in Europe and finds more and more pleasure: the Containerhaus.Especially in Germany, many associate a habitable containers with shelters, but container homes are far more living space fitted as appropriate as a stopgap. Meanwhile, fantastic House variants are built in Europe, which are characterized by unique creativity and considered inspiration for every architect, Containerhaus owner or those who want to become. Be impressed by the five most creative container houses from Europe and find what advantages you expect with a Containerhaus, as well as what is needed, to convert a simple freight container into a stylish home.

Container architecture

container architecture container homes House from containers buy

CG architectes Maison cross box container architecture container homes

Transform simple freight container to chic living room

The “naked” metal container around the world used for the transport of freight is the basis of every living container. A used container can be purchased usually around 1,000 euros (see, for example, to, while in the meantime also companies specialized have to offer finished residential modules, which can be put together individually.Permanently inhabited dwelling container in a location, a “construction permit” is required in most cases. More detailed information are to ask in any municipal building authority.

notable container houses located In the container

container architecture remarkable container houses worldwide

If a sea container is to become the new home equity performance, you need some professionals, such as electricians or HVAC and energy farm, with for statutory guidelines for the creation of new housing can be met and confirmed by expertise. Also, it involves the provision of security for the structural engineers are especially useful if walls taken the sea containers and floors added to as a Bauhaus. Stability is not an issue with which a client must cope, but a compelling must, which is enshrined in the law.

In addition you may experience following works, if you want to transform a sea container to a Containerhaus:

-municipal water and wastewater connections-Connection to the power network-in Germany duty: energy thermal insulation-Window and door installation-where necessary, stair installations-Heating Assembly-Construction of sanitary facilities-Installation of electrical wiring-possibly covering, for example, through Sheetrock walls lined with thermal insulation

container architecture remarkable container houses living In the container

Quality of living for every requirement

A living container can be freely extended and expanded. Window vents are created with the Flex, large living areas allow the removal of side walls in several adjacent residential containers, vents in the roof of the container enable building multiple dwelling container floors with its stairs. Are no limits of imagination, as the five most creative container houses from Europe will show.

cargo box House container container houses building

container architecture examples of remarkable container houses

container homes Seattle container houses

And just here, container houses make a real challenge for many an architect or interior designer. The rectangular container bulk lot does not actually cast spells and create even noble luxury living area of several hundred square meters. Whether with swimming pool before the living container, with large terrace or roof garden, as single-family or multi-family house, Garden House or holiday accommodation of your holiday guests, living containers are versatile usable.They offer the advantage of being at any time to implement so that no one is exempt due to a home in a place. With a Containerhaus, moving will be a breeze.The demand for the affordable housing modules continuously and architects, as well as manufacturers from the real estate industry discover living container for themselves, their creativity, and of course the sales. With a Containerhaus benefit both companies from the various industries as well as people of all ages who want to have their own Kingdom within only a few weeks, for that she doesn’t have to spend.

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Residential containers – the 5 most creative living ideas in Europe

A 40-foot container with 12.19 metres in length, as well as six 20-foot containers with a length of 6,096 meters were assembled in Sweden as one of the top 5 of the most creative residential containers. In the upper floor provide 32, 28 square meters for plenty of space for sleeping and bathing. On the adjacent balcony can be breakfast on the side of a House comfortably, while on the other side of container House inspires a panoramic view through a full window front.On the lower ground floor have been lined up to six residential containers with the length and side walls of the Middle four habitable containers removed, so that a large space is created from which we in the side panels to the kitchen, Office and guest toilet. The lower living area is just under 90 square meters. The exterior is covered with a natural wood, which gives the Containerhaus a stylish charm.

Containerhaus buy container houses Europe living containers

A Containerhaus consisting of 18 residential units, which are spread over three floors and offer far more than 400 square meters of living space is a perfect example of a creative and unique design. This flagship Containerhaus offers through stylish ship boy eyes, giving this House a very extravagant style. Additionally covered parking spaces caused by mounting of stilts under overarching residential containers. Container closing doors serve as intelligent privacy on balconies. This apartment house can be found in London.

Containerhaus London, England, UK

container architecture remarkable container houses from Europe

You will find a wonderfully exclusive residential building also Cyprus. Here, three 40-foot residential containers have been tastefully arranged on two floors and created a total living area of less than 100 square meters, a huge terrace is connected, that separates a floor to ceiling glass panel from the inside. The game with the positioning of the residential modules makes the design of the new home to a very special challenge and gives a very individual character of each House container.

container houses container House construction

A design of architects of Madrid is the container House, which has an exterior design with Euro pallets and found its way even as an optical highlight up to Chile. The House was designed in a modular system and which are sea containers arranged so that the Containerhaus can be extended arbitrarily. It consists of pure recyclable materials and solar cells, it counts in addition to any of the umweltschonensten residential containers which are currently found in Europe.

container architecture remarkable container housescontainer architecture remarkable container houses House of pallets building

container architecture container homes House from pallets

Architects designed a masterpiece for a Canadian who lives in Austria and a cheap home there wanted, be near him every moment of nature and offering at the same time, space and comfort. The container housing modules allow for unique designs, even classic gable roofs integrate let., individually positioned every room and in the overall visual appearance through corners, a personal touch gives tabs and Angulations homeownership, as it would be difficult and very costly to implement a conventional House in classic straight construction.

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