The Aquarium Gel Nails – The Rage Of Nail Modeling

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gel nails Aquarium turquoise color silver gloss

How to make Aquarium gel nails yourself

It’s finally happened: the nail design has reached the point where you can say that it’s a real revolution in nail art. Aquarium gel nails are the undisputed hot trend in this sector in 2015. This special method is no longer just about gel or nail polish. No, women wear a way snow balls on the nails. In principle, it comes with baby oil to hollow acrylic nails, glitter, small any particles like fish, flowers, hearts and almost everything are filled. In this way, you achieve an aquarium effect, hence the name.

Such nails are often called also Aqua nails

gel nails Aquarium design transparent

We have researched and found a great tutorial for you, if you want to ever make your aquarium gel nails yourself. Is it clear in advance that it is a rather simple affair, or? You must have a good dose of hand skill and of course have lots of patience. If you are convinced that you have these characteristics more or less and are quite decided to try it, the following guide just for you is intended.

7 steps to Aquarium gel nails:

1 step:

First, decide what size nail tips you would like to have. Get the appropriate Aquarium-gel nails set either online, from your drugstore or in specialized stores, of course. In each set, there’s also a syringe, which is indispensable for this nail design.

2 step:

If you don’t find those in the set, shorten the first two nails to a uniform length. Glue each other then this, by between a hollow space is created. Can dry out the whole thing.

There are no limits to the imagination

gel nails Aquarium nail design trend

3 step:

Let it harden under the UV lamp. Using the tweezers or the syringe, add now the small decorative particles or the glitter in there.

4 step:

Then you fill the cavity with the syringe with distilled water or baby oil. You can have quiet a bit of space to achieve an even more interesting effect.

5 step:

At the end, the opening is closed with the acrylic adhesive and then glued to the nail.

The result is simply fascinating. There are also some disadvantages, one should keep in mind in any case.

The Aquarium gel nails are unfortunately not very suitable for everyday use and feel it a bit uncomfortable. These are not really durable and can of course not be filed.

The effort is worth. Just do it! It makes a lot of fun in any case.

Popular motifs are the sea and the seagulls

gel nails Aquarium new trend sea birds

You can try it also with many glittering plate

gel nails transparent Aquarium nail design

Glue also de Karim Teinchen on it

gel nails Aquarium rhinestones

Create a cute marine life on your hands

gel nails Aquarium marine fish

You can also combine with French Nails

gel nails Aquarium nail art transparent

If you like it more discreet

gel nails Aquarium trend transparent

Enrich the colorful strokes and rhinestones nail design

gel nails aquarium water quality nail design

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