The Color Laun Spirituality And Wisdom

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color purple edible

The color purple and your nuances

The color purple is associated with luxury, luck, magic, artistic creation and sensitivity.  This color is Royal.  This color and all their shades have a strong effect, why you should better look out this design.

In the past, it was difficult and expensive to produce the color purple. Only noble and influential people have worn the color directly involved with dark powers. This story explains why we perceive this colour today, in this way.

Purple has a generally festive and very

color purple plants two

Especially in combination with green, the colour indicates a hypnotic effect

color purple Tulip

Courage and independence are the associations with the color

color purple Oriental

Purple shades are very rare in nature, but if you see them, they convey a sense of festivity and grandeur.

By the fact that the colors are so rare and special, they are preferred in the design like graphic designers or interior designer. Thus, it creates a mysterious, unusual and extraordinary atmosphere and mood.

Specially designed and sophisticated associated purple immediately with the color.

Indulge in a high place that whispers the color

color purple satin

Sometimes you can admire the fascinating color at sunset

color purple sky

The pictures from space show us the splendour of the color purple

color purple Cosmos

A combination of blue and red, the first reaction is simply irritating. The color is by self-confident people liked and favored by power addict.


This shade can be ignored. This is darkest in the color palette of the color purple. It stands for power, authority, wealth and courage.

This beautiful color is prescribed the artistic world.

Although the purple relatively uncommon in nature, we know all the scent of violets in the spring

color purple violet

Also the lilac can not go unnoticed by its fragrance and beauty

color purple lilac

The lavender enriches our sense happiness all year long

color purple grape

Dark purple

The deep purple often has a depressing effect on the people.  Often, the feeling of dissatisfaction in connection with this color is applied.

The saturated dark purple is dominant, prevalent and mysterious

color purple lipstick

The skin of some grapes has exactly this dark shade

color purple Weuintrauben

Properly ripe plums and eggplants get also a nuance of this special color

color purple plum


Not Cardinals and high church officials in purple be dressed without reason. The color symbolizes by always been spirituality.

Purple is the color of Cardinals and popes

color purple corduroy

The color could be defined as eccentric and selfish

color purple chair

The mixture with Himbeeren-is a pleasant and peaceful color red

color purple yarn


The color is suitable in the design for the female audience. The color can be described more closely with nostalgia and romance.

Through the high saturation of the color it is connected to health and strength

color purple Rotebeete

Usually, the rare plants in this color are very nutritious

color purple cabbage


The pastel shades bring a passive and peaceful atmosphere with it.  This shade is delicate, soft and delicate. This color is associated with frugality and longing.

Even if the purple as a pastel tone is nice and peaceful, it has a very strong presence

color purple wool

The color could be described as androgynous and only moderately and skilfully use

color purple Lambourghini

The color makes happy the minds

color purple plantLavender – Lila

The lavender colour has a similar meaning and effect as pastel – purple. Some cooling and distant, perhaps even indecisive.

Lavender Purple comes as a natural event in the form of amethyst

color purple amethyst

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