The Country House Style And Its Variants – Traditional, Rural, And Classic Combine

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cottage-style variants rattan Schukel porch wood flooring

The country house style and its variants

The country house style, such as British cottage, French or Italian country house or German estate, is popular even in city apartments. Here, traditional, country and classic style comes together.

Attractive rural Garland from egg shells made

country-style white Lufitge curtains chain eggs decoration

Characteristics of the country house styleNaturalness is characteristic of the country house style. Materials like wood, ceramic, clay, and rattan is typical. And it will include handmade furniture, antiques and wicker linen, leather and cotton to the furnishings. Also the vintage and shabby style that mimics traces of use, and parts in the worn look. Metal furniture of the Outdoorbereichs be used with. And of course rustic wood cabinets and tables as prestige objects or furniture are classic. There is often simplicity and functionality. Patina may show up. The walls at the country house style can be designed by clay plaster or chalk white and de Comet balls such as bison. Wood paneling is applied and also for the flooring, hardwood floors are common or natural stone.

White drawer table in a country house style – fresh flowers complete the whole ambience, also to attract the candle holders

country-house style and its variants beautiful decoration of alter table

Rustic interior design in white – objective murals of wooden panelsTypical rural Chair rattan

country-house style and its variants basket Chair white wood plates

Miniaturhafter white room divider – decorative insert

the country-style Miniaturhafter room divider table lamp windowMediterranean VariantA wide range of country house furniture and accessories in the Mediterranean life style is offered in the online shop of Mirabeau. Whether sofas, blankets, pillow, mirror, chests of drawers, lamps, Kitchen textiles, terrace furniture, candle holders or frames, here is to find what fits with country-style facility. Shopping by placing an order in the online shop of Mirabeau is comfortable and the whole overview of articles constantly present. Special parts can be found also in the antique dealers. And also when browsing in shops, some pretty part can be discover.

Traditional straw basket – beautiful and practical decoration idea

country-house style and its variants basket runner strips reddecorated vessels in the country house style with classic floral ornamentscountry-house style and its variants metallic vessels ornaments shelves

Varying decoration in a country house styleFloral decor plays in a country house style with porcelain, crockery and even wallpaper border patterns and a role. Accessories are partly made of zinc and copper. In addition, fresh flowers and even branches are a decoration. Substances have, for example, plaid and Natürtöne, and Patelltöne. The nature and its materials, colors and moods are orientation for the colors used. The range oscillates between sand, moss green, Earth Brown and slate to stronger used splashes of color. Italian can belong to the decoration in a rustic style with a Mediterranean flair, Scandinavian with bright Naturmateralien or American with traditional craftsmanship. The styles vary in detail, because countless species of rustic House to find are between a Spanish Finca and an alpine chalet.

Extraordinary and way to use the dishes – as flower vases or a decorative idea in the country-stylecountry-house style and its variants glasses spices flowers rose

Decorative mushrooms with shiny surfaces attract the attention

of country-style shiny figures mushrooms decoration

French variant of the country house style – rustic wall clocks country-house style and its variants French decorative round wall clock Classic rattan baskets of apples and wood country-house style and its variants baskets apples strikingly

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