The Craft Of The 1970s – Style The Macrame Decoration Celebrates Your Comeback!

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macrame decoration Chair node original design

The craft of the 1970s – style the macrame celebrates his comeback!

Maybe you remember the fashion Makramees of the 70s with the plants, hanging on knotted ropes anywhere in your home. The designers now use these interesting textures and forms in modern looks.

Hereby, we have 10 fresh ideas for the use of macrame.

The macrame of the 70s was waste. Often, the homes of macrame master were flooded Ego² of macrame.

It’s not about this macramé today.

Find contemporary artists who rediscover this craftthe macrame decoration

macrame colorful eye-catching decoration wall decoration

The artist from Australia Pippa Taylor in touch flower dealt with macrame in the 80s, and she has returned after many years to this craft.

At the beginning she started hangers with simple plants, then she has designed its own designs for vintage magazines like the first picture. Adds unexpected colour, a fresh idea macrame. Actually, the artist used cotton cord, which turns it in different colors. Method uses the immersion and colors for a contemporary look.

Wall art by ouchflower

macrame decoration artwork idea hanging wall

Taylor has in collaboration with Kylie hunt for screen design this Screenprinted canvas wall plate made.

The artist has begun with the copy of the tassels as she wanted to use the remaining cord

macrame decoration hanging basket node diamond

The tassels are quite popular with the customers, they can independently hang or form garlands.

Select Black plant hanger

macrame decoration Dresser drawers modern living room

The black cord in another piece by Taylor matches with the neutral palette of this Midcentury holiday home.

Do something generous

macrame hanging decoration wall beautiful

The textile artist Sally England specializes in large modern Makramees. She has here thick cotton cord and large rosaries for this 210 cm long piece in a Hawaiian home.

macrame decoration hanging sofa table wood grey

This work is proportional to the large modular sofa in ACE hotel in Portland, Oregon.

macrame decoration wall beautiful sofa pillow

Gretchen Jones has used Macrium for a pot in her Bohemian apartment in Brooklyn, their collections contain many interesting stuffs, Southwestern and even the “eye of God”.

Hanging candle holders, vase pendant by Leslie Palafox

macrame hanging basket decoration candle holder glass

If you are a minimalist, then select the fresh macrame ideas of today with straight lines and simplicity. The glass jar accentuated on the minimalist look of this followers.

Combine refined rooms with macrame

macrame hanging decoration hanging basket table lamp

In this House in Nashville is the cord in natural colours in a gimmick with the similar textures of the House…

And is a fun addition to the elegant dining room

macrame hanging decoration hanging basket diner

Fun furnishings of the ACE hotel and swim club in Palm Springs

macrame decoration Hängnd sofa coffee table chests wood

Commune has designed these fun interior of the ACE hotel and swim club in Palm Springs, California in 2009. Here, the trend is back. The generous ropes installation in the lobby Windows falls back to the swing style of the 70s in a fresh way.

Mixed macrame flower pendant

macrame hanging decoration flower light red black pink

Update your color. The pot followers today are available in unexpected and fun colors, including bubble gum pink.

Use macrame to honor this time old

macrame decoration bedroom traditional wood furniture

This vintage piece plays this jute rug in the bedroom in California.

Jute chandelier – a macrame by Jamie Young

macrame decoration hanging nodes of Braun light

This is a work by a contemporary designer, inspired by Macrium. This facility has been completed of jute in a striking, macrame-inspired pattern.

Cappellini tie Chair by Marcel Wanders

macrame decoration Chair node original design

The knotted Chair by Marcel Wanders is a functional art and is striking at each facility, the Chair is a contemporary design icon.

What do you think of this trade? At home you can have macrame works?

macrame hanging decoration hanging basket diner

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