The Food Combining Diet – What You Should Know, Important Tips And Tricks

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What do you know necessarily about food combining

Food combining is a special kind of food in which the food are divided into different groups depending on their ingredients. You are therefore in a different way and combined way.

The theory

The theory of the diet nutrition was developed on a biological and biochemical level. It is believed that the organism better distinguish similar food and consequently assimilated.

The various groups

Let us now discuss what are these different groups of food products. They are grouped according to the dominant nutrients in products.

The secret of diet

diet diet food group healthy meal

Food of the carbohydrate group

This group includes the nutrients, carbohydrates in containing more than 15%. These are bread and pasta, rice, oat. Corn, potatoes, peas also belong to this group.

Prefer whole grains and brown rice

diet diet healthy carbs rice pasta potatoes

Food of protein group

This food group includes milk products, eggs, soy, soy substitute, milk and meat. Fish and seafood are also a part of this group.

Food of beans group

This type of food has a pretty balanced character, concerning the various nutrients contained therein. Naturally include beans and lentils to, but also some nuts such as the cherry, peas and peanuts, which also belong to the same group.

Prepare delicious salads and stews.

diet diet healthy beans corn parsley salad

Foods with a high fat content

These include the food products that consist only of fat or predominantly made of this fabric. These are vegetable oils, butter, cream and many cheeses with a percentage of fat above 60%.

Exquisite culinary combination

diet diet healthy fat of salmon avocado olive oil walnuts buckwheat

Food of the sugar group

These include sugar, fructose, glucose, honey, jam. The sugar group, you should count too many fruit varieties. These are apples, pears, cherries, bananas, grapes, peaches and others.

If you want to feed itself after the diet system, special attention with the water and sugar melon is announced. You should not even be combined with other fruits.

A first class natural product with high value of sewing

diet diet healthy honey trace minerals vitamins

Enjoy only in moderation and prefer the vegan options

diet diet healthy Schokoladenkuche candy sugar


Cucumber, tomato, lettuce, cauliflower and all usual kinds of vegetables belong to this group.

If possible organic and regional select

diet diet healthy fresh fruit vegetables tomatoes Gurnken onions Zucchini grapes peaches

Acid group

The last group that nutrition is secreted in the diet, is it the acidic food. These include lemons, currants, sour pickles and sauerkraut – these are typical examples of foods of this group.

The acidic group includes also some beverages such as tea, coffee, mineral water, beer, wine, grape juice.

Good combinations of food according to the diet system

diet diet food system food properly combining protein fat carbohydrate

Here is the list of the successful combinations according to the diet system:

Protein with fat;
Egg whites with vegetables;
Protein products of various kinds;
Carbs with fat;
Carbohydrates with vegetables;
Carbohydrates with sugar;
Fat vegetables;
Fat with acidic foods;
Sugar with acidic foods;
You should eat fruit rather separately from all other products;
Beans with vegetables;
Beans with grease.

Combine lean meat with crispy vegetables

diet diet healthy fresh meat vegetables broccoli carrots onions

Now, the big question arises: it actually takes off thanks to food combining?

Alone in the diet not sufficient nutrition, to help us lose weight. The fat reduction is always concluded the difference between collected and consumed calories.

If one of them does not decline, why is the diet recommended diet always?

The reason is purely psychological. Usually, the meals, which food had been collected after the diet, have a reduced number of calories. Still, they contain a lot of water. At the same time, you eat on a diet diet so prepared food and nutritional products, which have a very good filling effect.

That’s why the diet diet really helps many people who want to reduce their weight.

Late summer treats

diet diet healthy fresh fruit berries blueberries honey cake

In which cases is it advisable to put on diet

The diet nutrition brings two main benefits. The digestion of food is fast. This happens within minutes. The nutrients are also assimilated within a very short time.

Food combining fit very good to the modern lifestyle. You inscribes itself wonderfully in many modern nutrition strategies.

Who benefits most from the diet food? These are actually not the people who just want to lose weight. The diet is much more intended for people who want to keep their weight over time.

Valuable source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements

diet diet healthy fresh fruit fruits strawberries Orange grape Apple

Fast digestion makes this diet method also super suitable for professional athletes and athletes.

Is the food combining diet scientifically recognised?

In scientific circles, there is great debate as to whether or not the diet brings something. In particular, the question is highly controversial, whether in fact to promote the “digestive intelligence” of the organism by similar food.

Why do you not your own experience with food combining?

The Smoothies are a great way of doing

diet diet healthy fresh fruit fruits vegetable of smoothies prepare vitamins minerals

Use valuable extra virgin olive oil more often

food combining diet oils Omega 3 Untesättige amino acids olive oil

Discover the fabulous, healthy world of nuts!

diet diet food nuts Walnut almonds hazelnuts

Healthy breakfast with quinoa and pomegranate

diet food fresh fruit healthy pomegranate sweet potato quinoa

Frozen forest fruits are also perfect for your diet nutrition

diet food fresh fruit healthy berries blackberries raspberries blackcurrants blueberries frozen deep

Exotic fruits offer very much gastronomic delight the palate

diet food fresh fruit combine exotic fruit Dragon fruit guava

Gorgeous sweetheart, always separately to be enjoyed

diet diet healthy fresh fruit sugar melon eating

Vegane Burger with quinoa, mango, and Basil

diet diet healthy cooking Quinoa Burger mango Basil

And how about a light wrap with chicken meat, beans and tomatoes?

diet diet food system guacamole salad beans tomatoes chicken breast fillet

Whole wheat pasta and Arugula – tastes just delicious

diet diet healthy cooking spaghetti pasta whole grain rocket

Looking for real freshness?

separation food diet nutrition healthy eating food fresh tomato Arugula Salad

Enjoy classic summer salad with olive oil

diet vegetable organic cucumber tomato iceberg salad parsley vitamins healthy

Avocado, spinach and tomatoes – the classic

separation food diet vegetables sweet potatoes avocado cherry tomato spinach salad

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