The Garden Pavilion – Luxury Or Self-evident?

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A garden pavilion is a freestanding building in the garden or in a park. The floor plan is usually round or has the shape of a regular polygon. The pavilion was already known in ancient times. In the architecture of Europe he appears mainly in the Baroque era and has often served the nobility as a place of rest or a viewpoint. Often the garden pavilion was only a design element in the garden of a castle. Later this building was also taken over by the bourgeoisie.

The garden pavilion has a long tradition in Asia, especially in China. In India, Thailand and Japan, the pavilion is often found in some sacred buildings, such as Buddhist temples.

Garden pavilion in the summer

Garden pavilion wood summer flowers

There are many types of garden pavilions, but there are basically two building types. The one is anchored firmly in the ground and is usually made of wood, stone or metal. The others are made of metal and are easily removed and removed. Most garden pavilions consist of a linkage and are provided with textiles or plastics.

Some pavilions have no walls, others have side walls that are very easy to open. The main difference between fixed and mobile pavilions is the foundation, which is to be excavated at the first. If the pavilion also has stone walls, it could be that one needs a building permit for it.

We have collected some examples of garden pavilions. If you do not have a pavilion in the garden, but you are going to build one, you can feel inspired from our collection. The garden pavilion – a must or luxury? Decide for yourself.

Elegant and generous with metal columns

Garden pavilion blue wrought iron

Plain and rectangular with Feng Shui Touch

Garden pavilion feng shui

A Chinese garden pavilion

Garden pavilion far eastern style

Very cozy with small pond

Garden pavilion grass roof pond

Minimalist and modern by the pool

Garden pavillon wood by the pool

Garden pavilion with bath

Garden pavilion wood bathtub

Made of glass and wood with a bed

Garden pavilion wood bed ferns

Romantic with candles and wine

Garden pavilion wood couch side table

Like a little house

Garden pavillon wood geraniums

Light construction and colorful cushions

Garden pavilion wood striped pillow

A wooden pavilion of wood with bench

Garden pavilion blue green flowers wood bench

Rustic idyll

Garden pavilion wood small summer house

Unconventional round

Garden pavilion wood round entrance

Summer lightness

Garden pavilion wood terrace round table

Fully open in white

Garden pavilion wood white black

A distinctive beach feeling

Garden pavilion maritim wood white blue

Traditional metal with yellow roses

Garden pavilion metal open beech tree

Ultra modern and oval

Garden pavilion modern organic form

Cozy with fireplace and natural stones

Garden pavilion rustic fireplace rocking chairs

Like a tent of lace

Garden pavilion pointed gargoyles

With ceiling fan and seating furniture made of wrought iron

Garden pavilion curtain cover fan

Garden pavilion in oriental style with arcades

Garden pavilion white wood marble oriental

Pergola Garden Pavilion

Garden pavilion white wood pergola

Spacious as with a winter garden

Garden pavilion winter garden sitzecke

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