The Wool Carpet – What Are The Advantages Of Wool Carpets?

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Even if there are certain tendencies in interior design, the interior design remains a matter of personal preference. So it is with the furnishing style, as well as with the decoration at home. Some colors can be more trendy than others, even certain textiles and patterns are more up-to-date than ever, but the main principle of the interior design is always the same: one must feel comfortable in its four walls. This should also be the motto when choosing the home textiles. Because no one will deny that curtains, carpets and decorative cushions make the room livable… In this article, however, we are concentrating only on one of the enumerated interior elements, namely the carpets. We limit ourselves to the wool carpets.

Wool rug with fresh pattern ensures comfort in the room

wool carpet-properties-and-tips-for-cleaning

Wool rugs are very popular because they represent a natural alternative to other carpet variants. They can be used in the entrance, dining area, living room and bedroom. Regardless of which room they appear in, they add charm and uniqueness to the ambience and bring numerous benefits.

For wool carpets you have the opportunity to enhance the space visually. Because large rectangular carpet floors are great for large areas, while smaller wool carpets provide individual accents in the room. Monochrome or striped, edged or paired, woolen carpets are unusual and natural interior solutions for the modern home.

Treppeneppich made of wool is a nice solution in the modern apartment

wool carpet-by-the-stairs

What are the greatest advantages of a wool carpet?

The wool rug has above all a warming function. They create a healthy room climate through a wool carpet. What are the advantages of wool carpets? Here they are summarized:

  • durable and flame retardant
  • also suitable for allergy sufferers
  • absorbs sound
  • ecologically
  • easy to clean
  • have long life

Also in a super elegant living room the wool carpet fits perfectly!

wool carpet-in-living-contrast-to-flooring

What types of wool are there?

Wool rugs are woven from individual woolen threads. The wool from which these are made, however, may be different.

The wool carpets are between virgin wool and Gerber wool to differentiate. The Schurwolle is won by the living sheep, while the Gerberwolle is taken from the dead animal. The Schurwolle is characterized by better quality.

The wool is still to be distinguished according to a criterion – the habitat of the animal. Highland wool comes from animals from the mountains and is particularly resistant. For the Lowland wool is a typical softness.

Highlight the carpet by matching accessories

wool carpet-properly-stage-brown-stool

What should we look out for when selecting woolen carpets?

When choosing a wool carpet, however, one should pay attention to some things. The height of the New wool content is, for example, a sign of quality. On too Florqualität you should value. This can be seen in the number of nodes per square meter. There are 190,000 knots for a good quality.

In the end we want to conclude: wool carpets are classic! The endless design possibilities offer a rich selection, so that everyone can find something. So create a natural living atmosphere with your own charm at home through the staging of a wool carpet!

Variety of color nuances!

ideas-to-wool-carpet-color nuances and-features
ideas-to-wool-carpet-in-bedroom-beige combination-with-rustic-elements
wool carpet-in-gray-the-bedroom
ideas-to-wool-carpet-model-in-beige-living room-set
ideas-to-wool-carpet-stylish-design-in-gray nuances
ideas-to-wool-carpet-carpet-Strip wallpaper-stress by
with-blue-furniture-in-living-combine wool carpet-
ideas-to-wool-carpet-dark-shades-in-living room
wool carpet-in-beige-matching-dekoartikel
wool carpet-in-neutral-colors-for-a-cozy-home
wool carpet-in-white-subtle-pattern
wool carpet-with-geometric-pattern

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