Tile Patterns – How To Chose The Right Tiles Decide

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tile pattern colorful floral patterned

Choose the right tiles and tile patterns

The most serious mistakes which can be made in the design of your own home is choosing the tiles and tile patterns. This is one of the cases where even during the work process it is already too late to discover the error. You must ensure rather earlier, that you have made the right choice. So you save nerves, time and of course lots of money.

The thickness of the tiles

tile pattern thickness size dial

In the shops for the sale of bulk you can look at many different tiles and tile patterns compared. The first factor on which you should focus with certainty is the thickness of the tiles. These are thicker, more time will pass before you have to buy a new.

This is also the price difference. Once you have determined the optimum thickness, you can focus on the pattern. Many people opt for the opposite approach, and this leads to no good results.

If you have selected a type of tiles, then take those some different and draw a comparison between them. You should not vary in size and color. Also the tile pattern should be the same. If this is not the case, then that speaks for a not particularly good quality.

The best manufacturer of tiles and tile patterns

pattern tiles colored rectangular

One can say that certain countries have been a market leader in the manufacture of great tiles and tile patterns. Spain, Italy and Portugal are here in the first place.  Perhaps this is also because the application of tiles Mister traditionally comes from the Mediterranean area. The tradition no doubt plays a beneficial role in the tile manufacturing today. But German tile and tile patterns are also of very high quality. You can decide so quiet for local manufacturers and thus for the support of sustainable development.

Light or dark

black stone look tile pattern

It would be also very helpful if you just consider, whether light or dark tiles and tile patterns would be suitable in your case. Usually, the first option is the better choice. Because a few bathrooms are bright enough to afford dark tiles.

Also remember how much time you can allocate in the practice for making clean tiles in the bathroom. There are even caring solutions, which are slightly more expensive. You then pay off with time.

Subtle mosaic for your bathroom

tiles pattern bathroom mosaic Grün Weiß

If you prefer geometric patterns

tiles beige black geometric pattern

Art tile pattern in turquoise

tile pattern Blau Kunst

Toile de Jouy – a timeless tradition

tile pattern blue toile de Jouy

The Chevron pattern fits perfectly on the back wall of the kitchen

tile pattern Blau Weiß Chevron

An elaborate staircase in a Mexican style

tile pattern colorful Mexican style

Mosaic in order

tile pattern cream mosaic bath

A special 3D effect

tile pattern Dreidimensioniert cube pattern

Subtle, delicate tile pattern for the dining room

pattern tiles filigree pattern

Large selection of colors and patterns

tiles pattern shop

Tile mosaic and color trio of black, red and white

pattern tile art mosaic tiles

The floral mosaic fits perfectly to the library

pattern tiles library

Tile art in the restaurant

pattern floral tiles pattern

Geometric pattern in the bathroom

tile pattern geometric pattern

Wavy tile patterns on the wall

tiles pattern curved subject bathroomtile pattern gray granite

Honeycomb pattern in grey

pattern grey honeycomb pattern tiles

Claw foot bathtub and graphic patterns on the floor

tile pattern green bathroom

Tiny tiles in turquoise, green and white

Grün Blau maritime style tiles

Bright white and sea blue

tile pattern gloss blue

Wood tiles in different models

pattern tiles wood light

Lime stone with wood-look

limestone tiles tile pattern

Classic checkmate scene in cobalt-blue and white

tiles pattern cobalt blue white checkmate pattern

Square pattern in black and white

tile pattern kitchen of open living plan

Tile pattern – Leopard print

tile pattern Leopard tiles

Minimalist design in marble and granite

tiles marble pattern look

Mosaic in Earth colors for the bathroom

tile pattern mosaic bathroom

Spiral motifs from tiles

pattern tiles mosaic blue spirally

If you prefer a bit more luxury

tiles pattern mosaic gold copper gloss

Or rather are pink and pink?

tile pattern mosaic glossy Pink Pink

Living room flooring in natural stone look

tiles natural stone patterns look

Geometric figures in the hallway

tile patterns natural geometric

The natural-coloured tiled flooring and dark Walnut wood create a harmonious contrast

tiles natural stone patterns look

Bright and spacious with dotted tiles patterns

Paisley pattern floor tile pattern

Mediterranean flair in the stairwell

tile pattern square colorful

Baby Pink and filigree mosaic

pattern pink mosaic tile

Classic in checkmate pattern

tile pattern checkmate black white

Beautiful graphic tiles pattern

tiles pattern black white filigree

Mirror tiles reflect light

tile patterns mirror mosaic

Minimalism and tile pattern star

tiles pattern star black white

Wonderful pattern – stylized Sun

tile pattern stylized Sun

Terra-cotta tiles in geometric shapes

pattern terracotta tiles

Fine honeycomb pattern in black and white

honeycomb pattern floral tiles flooring

White high-gloss tiles in the kitchen

tiles pattern white kitchen floor

Design classics and checkmate tile pattern

tiles pattern living room chandelier

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