Tinker With Glass Bottles – 15 Creative DIY Ideas, The You Make Fun

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tinkering with glass bottles, candle lanterns

15 creative DIY ideas for fiddling with glass bottles

Bottles can be recycled in a variety of ways, but why not in a fine, creative way? One of them is fiddling with glass bottles. We imagine today 15 original craft ideas for living article. You will find here many interesting projects – vases and candleholders, about hanging flower pots to atmospheric Christmas decorations and even a Buddhist temple. All was in fact created from glass bottles. No matter what for bottles – beer or wine bottles, bottles with corks, screw-top, or those with a strap lock – are all perfect as craft materials for various, useful or decorative items.

So use our great DIY ideas for fiddling with glass bottles and to infect you with the Bastellust. You be amazed how easily you can create beautiful things and you later feel as satisfied.

You can make beautiful vases with glass colours from the glass bottles

painted vases tinker with glass bottles

There is not as much hanging flower pots such as this one or?
glass bottles to make hanging flower pots

Simplicity in a very original way

tinker candle holders with glass bottles

Even the toothbrush holder can customize from a glass bottle

tinkering with glass bottles toothbrush holder

If you decide for a chandelier, you can leave the stickers for a special touch on it

glass bottles make chandelier

For the base of the lamp, you can select a special bottle

tinkering with glass bottle lamp base

Cool wall shelf without rivets

handicraft glass bottles open wall shelf

Colorful privacy screen at the entrance

tinkering with glass bottles privacy

Buddhist art glass mosaic

tinker with glass bottles Buddhist

Sustained sleep

cool bed frame DIY glass bottles

Bird feeding with style

tinkering with glass bottles bird feeding

Create a little Christmas spirit

tinkering with glass bottles Christmas decoration

With acrylic paint to make completely new each glass bottle

white vases tinker with glass bottles

A creative wind chime is equal to three bottles of wine, three Cork and a metal chain

glass bottles make wind chime

What did you decide? Was it the beautiful vases or the romantic candle holder? Maybe also another idea for crafting with glass bottles you think.

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