Trend Smart Home: Security Technology For Your Home

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The smart home – the trend of the current times

Who in the housing establishment and design current trends , will certainly not only pay attention to the look in their own four walls. In addition to modular furniture, minimalism and the colors of gray, gold and metallic, another residential trend has also been on the rise for some years: intelligent living is becoming increasingly important. Smart Home is on its way, to develop towards the mass market : In a representative survey by Yougov, two-thirds of the approximately 2,000 respondents are considering equipping their home with the intelligent technology.

However, the focus of the most popular areas of the intelligent home has shifted. In the past, smart consumer electronics was particularly relevant to consumers, smart security technologies for home users, such as motion detectors, have now risen from the third place to the first place.

Security through intelligent living

In view of this development, it is clear that security in their own four walls is also an important holiday trend of the present time. It is no surprise that the number of burglar burglaries is according to the Report on police criminal statistics 2016 but it remains high. If you really want to feel comfortable in your own four walls, it is not only a nice and modern interior or a comfortable and smart entertainment technology, but also the security of your own home.

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At the moment, a minimalistic housing is in the trend. But it is not just colors and shapes which play a role in living. Intelligent safety technology has also been a thing of the past for quite some time. Image: © Pexels (CC0 1.0)

With intelligent house security, however, you have the possibility to prevent burglaries and more security in one’s own home to care. Even a security system that makes doors or windows uninspiring for burglars for five minutes can be of great help. Whether modern locking systems, video surveillance, alarm systems, time switches, doors with high-quality locks and security locks or motion detectors, the possibilities to keep intruders out , are quite diverse. Intelligent safety technology, however, goes even further and protects your home not only from a possible break-in, but also provides a fire protection – for example, by smoke and heat warning alarms. Particularly practical: the intelligent security technologies allow you to monitor your home via app and even in the event of danger.

Security and aesthetics: Cool ideas

If your own four walls not only provide security, but also look beautiful, you have numerous possibilities to combine safety and aesthetics. Here are some cool examples.

Outdoor lights with motion detectors

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Image: © Letiha (CC0 1.0)

A first possibility for burglar protection are Outdoor lights equipped with a motion detector , With pretty wall or floor lamps, your garden and the entrance to the house will radiate and create a cozy ambience, but also discourage uninvited guests.

Safe and modern doors

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Image: © Pexels (CC0 1.0)

If an intruder still manages to reach the front door, it is important that he be held at the latest by the burglar. Modern doors are fortunately already equipped with state-of-the-art safety technology: Sturdy, durable material and high-quality locks and safety catches contribute to the protection of your own four walls. But that’s not all: Modern doors can now be equipped with a handy fingerprint system so that the front door can only be opened by people whose fingerprints have been stored.

In addition to providing security modern doors but also great designs that make the house a real eye-catcher. No matter whether glazed sides, floral motifs or unusual colors, with a modern but secure door, your own home is spiced up and becomes a real eye-catcher.

Smart blinds with intelligent control

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Image: © yeniguel (CC0 1.0)

If you are on the road, an intelligent blind control can be useful – because this also contributes to the safety of your own four walls by giving the impression that someone is always at home. This is because the blinds move up or down at irregular intervals and are also a mechanical protection against burglar. However, blinds with intelligent control not only help to protect against burglary, but also contribute to energy efficiency and provide light or shade as required. They help to create a greater feel-good atmosphere. In addition, blinds look smart and can spice up their own four walls: how about blinds in trendy gray tones? If you are a bit more courageous, you can choose a more powerful color – the blinds become yellow or red colors in the apartment and still fit well with minimalist furnishings in muted colors.

Comfort and security through light sources

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Image: © stevepb (CC0 1.0)

The Smart Home also makes an important contribution to the safety of your own four walls in the area of ​​interior lighting. This way you can make life difficult with burglars with intelligent presence simulation during your absence. For example, the light can be automatically switched on or off or dimmed, depending on the time of day and the light incident. But, of course, light also ensures more comfort and a cozy atmosphere. A tip: Distribute several small lamps in the room, which looks more cozy than a single ceiling lamp! In addition, indirect light is currently totally announced. You can also set certain accents and highlights with mood lighting, preferably with spots. For example, you can visually highlight a display case or shelf.

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