Unique Decoration Ideas, The Your Interior Spice It Up Be

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kitchen ideas decoration ideas kitchen magnet bar knife color design ideas

Unique decorative accents

Today’s article is devoted to the details of the Interior. It comes to this small outstanding items which can bring the concept to a higher level. Within a great design, it’s not so hard to gain some small accents, which make a great impression.

Below is some of my apprentice trainers, which include decorative accents. This inspired me to the new decorating of my apartment. Want you steal something this for themselves?

Special touches

We start with the image, which inspired me to my today’s post. It’s a few stones in gold in pastel shades. The minzfarbene quartz in addition to the collection in violet colors looks great or?

Decorative original accents ideas in your home

decoration ideas floor lamp stones night table decoration

I love the way how these specific stones were presented. They look so good and really tasty I could eat them. The images below show the transformation of a sleeping room, which appeared under the title design Love Fest in the blog by BRI Emery. She acquired these stones in various Vintagegeschäften and flea markets.

During the pictorial representation of the transformation of my house, I was repeatedly distracted by the desire to record even small plants such as this one.

Houseplants and the matching flower pots

decoration ideas with indoor plants flower pots colored original

Here we see a picture of Matt Horton. When I saw it, I fell immediately in it. I found the combination of mint and the glass in the lower variation of the same shade just fascinating. That brought me out to think about the power of the nuances and the accents. Why purchase we not a vase in the same shade your walls, but slightly darker?

Colored kitchen rear wall

kitchen ideas decoration ideas kitchen kitchen island tiled wall kitchen rear panel

Functional design

The next set of color falls into the category “Function meets style”. It’s practical collections, which we all need at home well. Many offer us the chance to deal creatively with the design. Because you want to move not the establishment of knives on magnetic strips into consideration. I have to be honest at this point with you. When it comes to sharp objects, I want have always hid them.

That has totally changed with the images that you see below. First, we see beautiful knives from the kitchen of beautiful mess of blogs by Elsie. This was followed by black, white and yellow exhibitions from the cuisine of Enjoy Cupcakes.

Magnetic strip for the colored kitchen knives

kitchen ideas decoration ideas kitchen magnet bar knife color design ideas

Many of us drink coffee or tea in the morning. Have you ever seen a nicer coffee corner? So, show all what you need to do, make graphic! Then provide for a higher-end look by adding special small items. I find particularly interesting in this case the coffee press in Golden shades.

Make a nice coffee corner

kitchen ideas decoration ideas kitchen coffee maker coffee machine wall shelf white

Beautiful wallpapers

Next, you will see a trio of great accent ideas which you can spice up your cabinets and walls. Provide for a Farbenschock by swipe the inside of your cupboards or bookshelves.

Again, we see a vivid combination of colors in the kitchen of blogger Elsie Larson from Beauthiful mess. Never afraid of colors using cooler and shows us clearly, like a retro-meets-modern look can be created.

Vintage chic Deco ideas

kitchen ideas decoration ideas kitchen appliances kitchen cabinet vintage wall wallpaper retired

I love accent walls and I find this really gorgeous here with the poster. Let alone the fact that the whole was embellished by great accents here. It has also added lights in deep shades of blue in the wall decoration. It has attached also ample shade of green and vibrant flower vase one. Accent walls work wonderfully in completely white spaces. The contrast down is very appealing, you can’t find it?

Achieved contrasting color palette for creative wall design

wall decoration photo wallpaper decoration ideas floral pattern

Do you recognize the brand ferm living? I love the decor of this company! But in this case I feel particularly addressed the background before this piece was presented. The geometric shape below gave me lots of new ideas. I’ve searched for Maß produced geometric shapes from wood as well as directly at the wall thinking about painting such subjects.

This solution is very simple, but really!

decoration ideas pillow pillow cases myself sewing geometric patterns of black white

What do you do on top of that

I end this article with a few hanging accessories. This can be seen in the design as “Cream pie”. We all noticed the popularity of small hanging fixtures this season, or? Many designers insist on buying such narrow hanging lamps and offer their exhibition in groups. But the price is quite high and the especially if you want to purchase more than a lamp. This is the reason why I DIY concrete suspension lights ideas from HomeMade modern love. They have cost $9.

DIY concrete hanging lamps

decorating ideas living room pendant luminaires DIY project

If light is about DIY, I want to demonstrate my last project. It’s about hanging planters. There is something modern and bizarre to these pieces and you can buy it at a reasonable price. Take off which the company West Elm or make your own. I just remember a new hanging DIY project… Once it’s done, I will share with it immediately, of course.

Decoration ideas for outdoor use

decoration ideas floor garden terrace design shell balcony plants

Have you noticed that I today put the accent on easy-to-be acquired pieces? It concerns designs that can be completed in one evening. Well, do you want also to start now?

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