Unusual Ideas For Everyday Life – From Clothespins To Mobile Chairs

unusual ideas wall wardrobe Clothespin

Unusual ideas: clips from clothespins and Chair to take

The two failed ideas that we show you today have to do a little with each other at first glance. They show more accurately considered however, how far the frames our perception of the “normal” to expand. We found this knowledge as sufficient permission to present them within an and of the same article.

DIY clips from clothespins

You have a bunch of jewelry, scarves and other stuff that has a proper place in your home? Then is this DIY project here might be just right for you.

It could bring you to other similar outlandish ideas

unusual ideas wall coat rack attach Clothespin

The advantages at a glance

Here are the main advantages that bringing such a DIY project:

It is easy to achieve;
The result looks really nice;
It gives an overview of the things which we have.

What do you need for the realization of ideas

unusual ideas Clothespin tools materials

The matching clothes pegs

If you want that your project lasts for, then choose wooden Clothespin for the project. They are sustainable. Wood looks even better than most other materials. Maybe someone sees your DIY Yes in between work!

Take coloring into consideration

unusual ideas wall wardrobe Clothespin painting

So the DIY better inscribed clips in your interior design, you could color them eventually. Use for the best Nail Polish.

Find your own Variant

There are many different variants for DIY clips from clothespins. The most common is integrating a wooden slat. Attach them to the wall.

With the appropriate bonding agent, then bring to the wooden Clothespin that

unusual ideas wall wardrobe glue wood Clothespin

This is the lightest. It would be safer, but also more complex to bring the wooden Clothespin nails directly on the wall.

Make a chic jewelry stand!

unusual ideas jewelry folder itself make

Everything you’ll need here

unusual ideas jewelry store wall Clothespin

So it just goes

unusual ideas jewelry jute fabric attach

Paint the Clothespin in any color

unusual ideas jewelry wall folder white Clothespin

A Chair that you can take with you anywhere

Are you a person who likes realized such unusual ideas such as the DIY laundry clip klipse? Surely you like also the following message:

There are chairs that can fold up and take it anywhere on the market

unusual ideas folding mobile

So, you can always easily sit down during a walk on the beach, in the park or in the garden and enjoy the nature. The article is called Leano and is work of Slovenian designer Nick Lorbek.

It is a work that appear ingenious precisely because of their simplicity. The idea has received financing via the portal immediately kick starter.

The perfect complement for the tents

unusual ideas Leano camping folding lounge

Elemental and brilliant

The innovation consists in the design. The Leano Chair we can sit as on poles. The materials are waterproof fabric and wood. Leano is processed by hand. The Chair weighs less than a kilo.

In the folded State, he has a width of 49 cm

unusual ideas Leano Chair deck fabric

Thanks to its mass you can take Mike on camping, as well as to the beach or in the Park

unusual ideas Leano Rucksackt portable folding Lounger

On the beach, Mike shows again as a friend

unusual ideas folding deck Leano Beach

Have our offbeat ideas enjoyed? Keep your eyes open for such ideas. They are sometimes able to make our life easier. And to make it more interesting!

Very easy access to transport

unusual ideas Sun Leano fabric portable

Enjoy the wonderful afternoon with loved ones in the Park

unusual ideas Sun fabric Leano