Vertical Garden Design – 10 Weird And Wonderful Ideas

Editor   June 10, 2013   Comments Off on Vertical Garden Design – 10 Weird And Wonderful Ideas

vertical garden design mini Chair yellow

Vertical garden design – 10 weird and wonderful ideas

Even for those of us who are unable to use a lawn as a basis for a garden – that is to say, are urbanites, apartment tenants and others who do not have access to a personal piece of turf – to let it grow a new trend that encourages us, our gardens on terraces, balconies and even indoors. Vertical gardens are on the rise, for their aesthetic value as well as for the actual herbs, leaves, oxygen and the general feeling of well-being, which they produce. Whether a high-tech auto irrigation installation, climbing on a part of the wall or on a simple box or on a set of pots with easier maintenance, to sprout green out of it, the limits on what to plant and how to bind are only for the benefit of the plants stay even. Just add imagination and maybe a little water and sunlight. Yes! It’s easy to be green, after all.

Vertical garden of flora Grubb gardens

vertical garden design frame wall flora Grubb gardens

Architektektonische green wall of living Holmes design

vertical garden design living Holmes design

Self-gemacher garden bar of Instructables

vertical garden design living Instructables

Garden wall of bright green United States

vertical garden design bright green United States

Green, living wall of at style home

vertical garden design style at home

Recycled vertical box Garden by Ewa in the garden

vertical garden design recycled metal bucket

Recycled plastic bottle window farm by NPR

vertical garden design plastic bottles window

Vertical Garden by apartment therapy

vertical garden design apartment therapy

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