Vertical Garden: Green And Beautiful Living

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Vertical garden is one of the longest-running urban gardening trends from recent years. Interior and exterior walls are designed with green plants, both decorative and edible. A vertical garden brings many advantages as well as many disadvantages. We will refer you to the following article. We also share some design tips.

In some cases, a vertical garden resembles a work of art

common garden plants

Vertical Garden: The Different Strategies

There are several different strategies for designing a vertical garden. Some plants can be inserted directly into the wall joints. This is the ideal place for succulents. Also other larger plant species are wonderful. Others can be installed on steel grids or wooden box systems.

When building the vertical garden, you can either start from the ground or the type of plants. A guide for vertical garden with pallets can be found here , When deciding on the type of substrate and the plants, you must pay particular attention to the material of your walls and other special features of the building. Many helpful tips on urban gardening and the”green carpets”, as the vertical gardens are also called, can be found in this article ,

In this case the autumn splendor was brought home

vertical garden autumn decoration diy

The advantages

A vertical garden can have many advantages. Among other things, this is an additional and natural isolation. The plants used there refresh the atmosphere and spread beautiful aromas. Besides, they naturally have a wonderful decorative effect that transforms your home into an oasis.
The vertical garden is also very useful for many people from a psychological point of view. You will feel very close to nature, even if you live in the middle of the city.
Through a vertical garden you learn a lot about the plants and the nature, even if you live in a city. Finally, you can also have many useful herbs on a vertical garden. These can be used in their own kitchen.

The space between the houses can also be separated by a partition wall

green carpet partition between houses

The disadvantages

The care of the vertical garden is no less complicated than this from the usual. So you have to take the appropriate time and costs. Already building the garden itself is a very demanding process. The nature is not a matter for everyone: the green plants also attract many insects, which could be a problem for some families. Special attention is given when there are people with allergies in the household.
Furthermore, there are some plants that are toxic – which can be very dangerous for children and animals. So you should include all the rules of safety for the usual garden, also with the vertical.

Finally, you should note that some plants can affect the stability of old buildings. This could be the case if the vertical garden was installed directly in the wall joints and could damage the building structure.

Such a vertical garden would be ideal for minimalist design

minimalistic green garden

Practical tips

The type of furniture and care differs from one vertical garden to the other, depending on what kind of framework and which plants are selected. However, there are some general tips. On the one hand, you must adapt the selected plants to the position of the vertical garden. Most need a sunny or half-shady spot. However, there are suitable plants also for shady places.
These and other common garden rules must also be observed in these facilities.

vertical garden diy balkondeko

design ideas

A vertical garden can easily be integrated into various design concepts. This is e.g. a great alternative to the usual green facade design with climbing plants. You can also use a vertical garden on balustrades and terraces. This one serves as a nice decoration, but also as a great private and wind protection. In the interior rooms, you can create great accent walls.

green oasis at home wall design

green-'vertical garden in the courtyard

vertical garden accent wall balcony
vertical-garden-on-a-large-glass facade

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