Vintage Silver Decoration At Home – Give The Apartment Its Charm From The Old World

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roses Buddha Vintage silver decoration at home

Give a charm from the old world of the apartment

Do you like rusty pieces of silver? Me too. If there’s even initials or a name on it, that pleased me even more! Are you exactly? I think the cleaning of silver cutlery was simply not a good idea!

The chemicals cause headaches for me and everything will be terribly shiny and just looking. Thank God, it gets the old weathered form slowly again.

It can badly some people just at the thought of dull silver. But there’s something so romantic with old silver and it was integrated in all styles. Only a decade ago, it was absolutely common to serve in silver plate.

Nowadays, you can find this dish on the top shelf or the most hidden corner in the kitchen. Is this also the case with you? Preferably, you should bring these valuable pieces again in use.

Integrate the old silver in the decoration – vintage silver decoration at home

Vintage silver decoration at home eclectic style establishment dining room

This is a pretty tricky business. But the mix of silver accessories with the industrial-looking pieces was recorded again in the work of some designers.

If you have a more traditional look, you should set never chic to the shabby. Create a harmonious balance between a few substantial pieces and some Männlicherem.

The big beautiful Bowl and the tea cups in this image appear less frivolous in the black rack on the figure.

Do you want to achieve a smoother style?

Vintage silver decoration at home eclectic style wall mirror

Try to reproduce the design from this image in your home. You can get a beautiful combination of old silver and other antique pieces. So, you would achieve a feminine, ancient elegance.

Just the installation of small pieces of silver meets the atmosphere with an old world charm.

The vase ensures balance in the middle. One has the feeling, to talk about the past

Vintage silver decoration at home eclectic style chest of drawers wood mirror

In the next illustration, we see the combination of two side nearby pairs of silver candles and a round object of the same material in the middle.

vintage silver decoration at home eclectic style original design

You can store different stuff in silver and silver-coated objects. About matches, toothbrushes or other things for everyday use can be.

Example can store cotton balls in the old-fashioned Bowl for sugar and cream.

My three special silver vintage accessories

vintage silver decoration at home eclectic style brilliant black flowers

I would recommend anyone using silver salt and pepper shakers. The weathered and not perfect shape is particularly charming.

You can use them as vases if you remove the lid. I love this look with a big bouquet of flowers.

Pitcher and tea er quadruple

roses Buddha Vintage silver decoration at home

Wonderful, large silver vessels serve as vases, don’t you think? I find particularly irritating the picture with water plants.

Ice bucket

vintage silver decoration at home flower pot plants candle holder

The silver ice bucket are excellent planters. The painted silver looks especially chic with fedrigem fern. You could insert them via an input console, a coffee table or fireplace

The grouping of three or more pieces will make a beautiful impression and the days will seem someone so simply beautiful.

You could insert the plant along with the original vessel in the silver piece. Thus you will save work later.


vintage silver decoration at home eclectic style platter cups

In this case, you would have to assess easily yourself if the issued silver is just too much. It’s just on the posthumous impression.

In the example above it has collected so many dazzling child Bowl on a plate of the same material. The collection value of the items is even more by this kind of exhibition.

Compote Bowl

vintage silver decoration at home eclectic style glass lid

My most popular items include the silver bowls. There is an excess of species, how they can be used. It is filled with Cloche as shown in the picture to a captivating showcase of everyday treasures. The SOAP in the bathroom, car keys, rings and other jewelry pieces can be kept in such vessels around.

Do you want some more colors in your Compote glass still life? Add a succulent rosette at the top opening. These will look fresh for weeks without water. In the meantime, it can be immersed for disillusion in the water.

Silver candle holder

vintage silver decoration at home eclectic style candles table living room

Today, I would like to conclude my article with a classic accessory. According to the most famous design rules all things three to see, fifth and so on from groups of candlesticks. Here we see a contemporary combination of pieces in various sizes.

Do you replace your decoration creative and really shiny? Search for old silver vessels, then do that! It’s fun, believe me!

vintage silver decoration home design grey living room design – gray accents and silver atmosphere

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