Wall Design Ideas That Give The Walls A Real Life

Wall design ideas – optical illusion or a perfect wall decoration

Check out this wall designs, take to the walls of your home in a whole new way! So realistically you have never imagined this! Plants grow from the walls and animals are alive…! It comes to the art of Silviu Petrescu.

Wall design 3D wall design inspiring ideas –

wanddesign ideas Silviu Petrescu wanddeko 3D Wall decoration

No one can remain indifferent before this wall art. Surely, you have heard 3D wall design of and admired them several times. To give a real life, seems almost impossible at first sight walls… But is! With the right technology and with enough imagination. Silviu Petrescu proves it through his art on walls.

Through his art of the painter tried to bring an unusual beauty in the apartment and they enliven a uniquely… And you probably feel between its four walls, you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Wall design ideas by Silviu Petrescu

wanddesign ideas Petrescu Silviu 3D Eagle

Silviu Petrescu has fond of small on with painting. He remembers that he obsessively watched, not to cross the contours of his drawings and to select the appropriate shade. Up to the fifth grade, he works out his own ideas. Neither he himself nor his parents took his employment but seriously. They all believed more than the other kids liked him just painting. A little later he began but tiny drawings of all kinds on stickers and reproduce cards and heroes of animated cartoons and comic books to record. Three years later he chose the style of comic books and began to develop his own ideas.

Something mystical, but spectacular

wanddesign ideas Silviu Petrescu camel pyramids

3D camels Captivate views

wanddesign ideas Silviu Petrescu camel live animals breathe

He went to primary school in the only secondary school for art in his hometown. He was glad that he was surrounded by other children, who were also interested in art. There he found everything great: all projects, all themes, all ideas… His own style was developed. Volume, details, perspectives and balance of colors even more aroused his interest in painting. Something bothered him but. Each time he brought to an end a project, he had the same feeling that the main idea is somehow lost. And so he made the decision to give freedom to its ideas. He made it possible that unfold are walls in our world, by breaking the barriers to communication through an extraordinary 3D wall design. From then on, his head is full of ideas…

A cool optical illusion makes the wall real eye catcher

wanddesign ideas Silviu Petrescu fallen out Wall decoration

3D wall art with plants

wanddesign ideas of 3d art Silviu Petrescu

Have you viewed closer the art of Silviu Petrescu? Through his art, he tries to bring nature to the people and remind them, constantly continue to develop. Hopefully you gathered inspiration for the design of your own wall!

Proud Eagle

wanddesign ideas Petrescu Silviu of mural Eagles

A stunning masterpiece

wanddesign ideas Silviu Petrescu wanddeko Eagle 3D

3D wall design with Japanese subjects

wanddesign ideas Silviu Petrescu Japanese topic

Almost incredibly, Yes?

wanddesign ideas Petrescu Silviu Japanese 3D

How these works of art are actually…

wanddesign ideas Petrescu Silviu 3D Wall decoration

Creative and inspiring wall design

wanddesign ideas plant live breathe Silviu Petrescu