Wall Painting Makes Living – And Sleeping-room More Homely – 30 Examples Of Beautiful Wall Design

Through wall painting to a cool lounge area make the living – and bedroom

Murals interest always, regardless of which room you chose this way to decorate. Today it’s with us for the living – and bedroom, namely, how you embellished these spaces by graffiti . If you are also an impressive wall decoration, take some time to look at our picture gallery!

Graffiti helps you to create a cool area of full colors

wall painting living room wanddesign flower pattern grey sofa light grey carpet

Wall paintings and books can seem cozy and original this living area

murals decorate living room library

A magical image on the bedroom wall

dekoideen bedroom wanddeko accent chandeliers wall bedroom Bank

A beautiful atmosphere can be created only by matching Wall design. The combining wall pictures or a single image of the wall itself, is able to provide a unique sense of space. In our today’s article we put a wall decoration in scene, which is similar to the mural with images, but something more striking: the wall painting.

By nice wall decoration create a tranquil atmosphere in the bedroom

dekoideen bedroom wanddeko beautiful floor

Abstract idea for the modern wall decoration

wall painting dekoideen wall design ideas desktop darker floor

Beautiful landscapes will soothe the perceptions

dekoideen living room nice wall accent rug cream hanging lamp

The forest set in the autumn as a motif

dekoideen living forest autumn stripe carpet floor pillow

The motives which it brings to the wall in the form of wall paintings, are varied and interesting. Graffiti make for example an urban touch in the modern apartment and beautiful nature pictures bring a piece of nature into the home. Therefore it is important that you choose the right design for his living room or bedroom walls – you will stay long there! Wall paintings are preserved?

Cool graffiti give own character the modern living room

dekoideen living room graffiti red sofa white carpet

Individual wall design makes a strong impression

wall painting living room decorate round coffee table girl figure

Make a nature-oriented interior design

dekoideen living room of wanddeko curtains green wall color

The living room set up thematically

wall painting dekoideen living room jungle interior design ideas

For the design of the wall in the living room or bedroom pick not only wall painting itself, you can also set wallpaper in this style. You stick a such wallpaper, to transform the selected wall automatically into a real eye-catcher. Graffiti wallpapers left the feeling that one is in reality in a beautiful city or in the middle of the nature. They are so authentic…

Bring a classy touch by the nice wallpaper in the living room

mural wallpaper elegant wall decoration living room

Create a beautiful oasis of relaxation in your home

mural wallpaper dekoideen living room wall decoration

Bring home summer mood

mural wallpaper living room decorating white Chair

You looked at carefully all attached examples? Because here come some great ideas on how you put a cool wall design in action. It is not difficult to be charmed by the allure of wall paintings: your saturated colors have a strong effect on the room and accordingly on the mood. If you have chosen the style in which you want to decorate your living room and bedroom, then you choose now a beautiful mural, which complements the interior design and stressed!

A nice accent wall can make the living space in a completely different way

wall painting living room accent wall white furniture

Spectacular wall design with beautiful nature image

murals decorate living room green walls white sofas

Charming wall decoration idea with murals

wall painting living room of wanddeko ideas floral motifs

Beautifully decorate the wall

mural accent wall floral pattern wallpaper

Unusual wall decoration in the living room

wall painting dekoideen living city cream sofa wooden floor modern couctisch

Wonderful idea for wall decoration

dekoideen bedroom fancy wallpaper range bed side table

Green and white combine in the bedroom

dekoideen bedroom of wanddeko ideas white bed linen natural pattern

White flowers decorate the bedroom wall

dekoideen bedroom wanddesign flower plant pot

Subtle motifs bring to the fore

dekoideen living room floral elements white carpet

A city image on the wallpaper – represents a beautiful eye catcher

wall painting living room white furniture dekoideen

Looks a nice view of this accent wall

dekoideen bedroom carpets wooden beams

Romantic wall decoration in the living room

dekoideen living room beautiful wall wallpaper white furniture dekokissen purple

Create a unique interior

dekoideen living room wallpaper fur carpet dekokissen

Beautifully decorate the dining area

mural of dining area wanddeko dark floor flower flowers

Bring soft colours on the wall

wall painting flowers cream paint color dekovasen

Fresh wall decoration in shades of green

wall painting wanddeko ideas forest motifs wooden floor