Weihnachtsschmuck-classic And Modern For The Festival

baked collage

Which Christmas decorations will it be this year?

It’s again a year and soon Christmas is around the corner. Because we all know quite well the hustle and bustle to the feast of the reflection around, we try to start this year at an early stage with the festive preparations. It looks like you could do enough preparations early.  We have already made us to work and would be pleased if we can help you again.

Forest animals made of felt fabric are very suitable as jewelry due to its low weight

Christmas ornaments felt fabric

The current article we are dealing with the theme of festive Christmas decorations. Since when is the Christmas decorations in the form of known to us, and what does he? And there are rules to decorate, to which we should keep?

Although the Christmas tradition is approximately 2000 years old and to represent the birth of Christ, there are the first references to Christmas ornaments for the Christmas tree in Europe only since the middle ages. At that time, people have decorated their homes and Christmas trees with dried wild fruits, pine cones and gingerbread.

Create a color space that looks elegant and stylish

Christmas jewellery Blau silver

You can create a feeling of cold or heat through your color combinations

Christmas ornaments bells

The snow white is coming into its own the fine jewelry


Jewelry made of fabric is not only original but also unbreakable

coated sewn up

Technically skilled readers can conjure up from wire Angels

Christmas decoration Angels

Again and again in the newspaper-print look is

star covered

The snowflake as a element should not be missed.

snowflake Classic

Later, some families began to hang tree ornaments on the trees or to paint nuts in silver or gold. In the 16th century the first Christmas bauble to be manufactured in the beautiful Thuringia, which became first fashionable and later traditional and shortly thereafter conquered the world.

The forever green FIR was and still is a typical symbol of Christmas. More plants that are associated with Christmas in combination, are the mistletoe and the Juniper. All these symbolize the eternal life, which people through magnificent decorating worship.

White and silver on the tree reminiscent of the snow Queen

art tree as frozen

The Nutcracker is a more literary character who has his place in the Christmas decorations


Fresh ideas on the tree are always welcome

Klassisisch cozy bird branch

Food is easily made and devoured after the Festival

baked ornaments

Classical and modern jewellery made of straw has always festive

straw jewelry

A pair of Angel Wings enhance the festive mood

Christmas ornaments Angel

The jewelry can also be crocheted

crochet star

In the decoration of the Christmas tree, you should first wrap the Garland around the tree, so save yourself the trouble later. Then it would be very useful only in the lower part of the tree, to hang the large and heavy jewelry. Thus, they emphasize the natural shape of the tree. The classical jewelry pieces include bullets, stars, hearts, drum, boots, bells, Angel and Nutcracker. The tradition can use but also something cheeky freshness. Try extravagant combinations in blue and silver, or create your own style. Bring new forms and expressing your personal enjoyment. Forget this but not that “less is more”

Klassisisch mini dresses

animals and plants

Christmas decorations Bidfaden shell

Christmas ornaments Green Gold

round stained ball

Christmas ornament Acorn Gläcke

baked Christmas ornaments

snow ball

Christmas jewelry gift homemade

K heart Garland

Christmas jewelry wood jewelry

stuffed animal heart


classic red ball

Klassisisch gold ball

Christmas decorations from paper homemade

paper plastic

Christmas ornaments in wood

Klassisisch gold ball