What Are The Advantages Of The Flowerpot From Fiberglass?

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Flowerpot made of fiberglass

With the help of planters can be not only gardens, make gardens and terraces, but also in indoor areas such as foyers, lobbies, or your living room “green accents” can be used for. Increasingly, flower pots are made from modern materials such as fibre glass. From fibreglass or GRP (glass reinforced plastic), flower pots can be produced in various shapes, colors and surfaces. This wide range of products including has the effect that fiberglass planters have become a more popular design element in the landscape and interior design.

Flowerpot fiberglass houseplants decoration ideas waiting room

Flowerpot fiberglass white oval houseplants waiting room

Flowerpot fiberglass houseplants cowhide sofa

Flowerpot fiberglass White House plants various size

Benefits of fiber glass Flowerpot

In gardens and outdoor areas, Flowerpot made of fibreglass can exploit their freeze – thaw and weathering. Even temperatures well below the freezing point cause no damage to fiberglass planters. In the summer months, also direct, intensive sunlight makes the fiberglass material neither brittle and brittle still porous. When used in indoor areas, the frost resistance of fiber glass Flowerpot admittedly plays a relatively minor role. Here, the planters can score above all with its relatively low weight and great designs. Alone the wide range of different surfaces – by matt, ribbed about structured to the noble glossy surface – makes the fiber glass Flowerpot as interior architectural design or design element. In contrast to models from clay or Terra cotta Flowerpot made of fiberglass are significantly more stable, robust and shock-resistant. At the same time, recall traditional materials such as fiber glass Flowerpot with a Matt surface not only visually, but also haptically and thus even not artificially intervene, and feel relatively “natural” and elegant.

Flowerpot fiberglass anthracite garden balcony plants

Flowerpot fiberglass anthracite landscaping with stones

How are pots made from fiberglass?

The pots produced in an elaborate process largely handmade. Basically a flowerpot consists of two main components: fiberglass mat and resin. Still a small percentage of rock flour is added in some planters. For the production, usually various synthetic resins such as polyresin or epoxy and thermoplastic materials such as polyamide come to the course. A template made of wood or plastic is first made for the shape of the respective plant containerizing. Then applied to this template fiber glass mats layered and bonded with resin. After a dry period of 24 hours may be the fiber glass Flowerpot out of shape and is then sanded carefully crafted. The surface of the plant bucket is painted several times and gets to its final finish.

Sum say that pots made of fiber glass accents not only optical in outdoor and indoor areas, but to convince know also with their resistance to moisture, Frost and UV radiation.

Flowerpot fiberglass anthracite arch hemp balcony plantsFlowerpot fiberglass red fresh color accents balcony plants

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