What Feng Shui Plants If You Have According To The Feng Shui In The Home And Garden

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Feng Shui plant for indoor and outdoor use

It is not difficult, the Feng Shui tradition of room and garden flowers with some sentences to explain. Here is an attempt: Feng Shui is a teaching about the comfort of our living room, which draws parallels to nature and therefore would like to transfer the country harmony in our daily lives.

Feng Shui plant for a homely atmosphere

feng shui Epipremnum aureum plant pot plant

The Chief questions according to the Feng Shui in the design of each room are as follows: How can we benefit from maximum at home by the laws of nature? How should we distribute objects so that the Chi energy maximum free flows?

Which Feng Shui plants – do you know?

plant feng shui feng shui teaching Peony

The use of room and garden plants is a very successful and proven in practice method for attracting good energy home. Some specific plant species can bring many benefits are placed in the right place.

Alone through the correct use of this, you can block the negative influences at home and let the energy of life freely flow. Certain plant species according to Feng Shui help better than others. To learn how it all looks in practice, in the next few lines.

Some particularly important plants for home and garden according to Feng Shui

In the following, we come to some to speak particularly important plants for home and garden, as well as do we treat their suitable positioning.

Money tree

This is a medium-sized, succulent plant which is among the cacti. As the German name suggests, it is connected to the superstition that it attracts money and wealth. The use of the money tree is important for people who want to see the material goods are incorporated into their house.

As we can conclude from the name money tree symbolizes money

feng shui money tree plant lifestyle

Money tree has beautiful tiny flowers

feng shui garden garden ideas money tree

You can position the money tree at home or in the garden. It is important that you check its growth. The money tree must be not more than a metre high in your home or garden.

Ivy tute

One of the best plants according to Feng Shui the Ivy tute. It symbolizes prosperity, career success and happiness. This plant fits great in Office or study room. Still you can grow them in the living room.

Decorate workroom with Ivy tute

feng shui garden Epipremnum aureum Ivy tute

Chinese plants in full blossom

If you love the exoticism of the educational as well as Feng Shui, you may decide in your garden for flourishing Chinese plants. Provide beauty, comfort and balance. Tighten the love and the romance to be home with them.


According to Feng Shui, peonies are more beautiful plants for home and garden. The peonies are beautiful flowers, which clearly tighten the Yang energy. The peonies are tender and delicious. They combine all the good qualities of womanhood. According to Feng Shui, you will increase your chances by peonies on the build and maintain a harmonious romantic relationship.

Peonies for romance

feng shui plant peonies living ideas dekoideen


According to Feng Shui very well for the success of our life are also these beautiful yellow plants. Enjoy a great respect in Chinese and Japanese culture. Chrysanthemums are associated with vitality and optimism in connection. Plant them in the garden. In the apartment, the living room and the bedroom are suitable places for chrysanthemums.

Joie de Vivre in the room bring a note

feng shui plant chrysanthemums meaning properties

Called UME, or Japanese apricot, or Japanese plum

This plant symbolizes according to Feng Shui the purity. Also, it is associated with good luck in conjunction. Its fragrance has a soothing effect and can help people to receive the Chi energy better.

Breed Japanese apricot garden

feng shui garden ume garden ideas


Daffodils are a very important plant in the Chinese culture and local traditions. In China you are often issued as a gift for the new year. They look very nice and are easy to care for. Daffodils are held by Feng Shui for some of the most positive plants at all. So they can have a substantial positive impact on every living area, the daffodils should be as large as possible.

The daffodils are easy to clean and beautiful

feng shui plant daffodils dekoideen Interior

The lilies (Lilium)

The lilies are considered the most beautiful bulbous plants. To have a very beneficial effect, according to Feng Shui. Lilies are able to spread much joy among the people. Lilies are very apt when stress and effort prevails in her house. You make it to combat this nervousness.

Lilies lend elegance of the spatial

feng shui plant lilies dekoideen

Lotus Flower

The Lotus is very important in the Japanese tradition for many years. He stands for purity, exclusivity and morality. Use the lotus flowers in your living area, especially at the entrance.

Enjoy the wonderful beauty of the Lotus Flower

feng shui decorating Lotus flower plant Interior


Next place the beneficial plants according to Feng Shui, we call the magnolias. Magnolias are also symbols of purity and love. Their use in the living room makes it a meditative place.

Magnolias, a meditative atmosphere

feng shui garden plant magnolias

Plant a Magnolia tree in the front yard! They provide very good luck and harmony in your family.

Bamboo and pine tree

We conclude our presentation with two trees

The bamboo and the pine tree are tradition, very popular in the Feng Shui. This can used also abundant in the elaboration of furniture and decoration. According to Feng Shui, such materials bring harmony in the House.

The bamboo is considered a plant, which has the ability to expel the negative energy. It symbolizes the prosperity and abundance. Plant the bamboo in the front yard.

Distribute the negative energy through a bamboo plant

feng shui is planting bamboo

Pine tree

Pine trees grow tall and they are able to survive even in the harshest winter. At home & household, they promote the friendship and friendly communication. Pine trees are good, no matter what area of the Court, they are planted.

Decorate the House with pine-tree

feng shui is to plant pine tree

Get some of the here mentioned flowers and garden plants and you will never regret it!

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