What Fensterbau Know You Actually?

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Fensterbau window Lisbon Portugal

Romantic window construction – beautiful pictures to admire

Windows and small balconies have always been romantic objects and immortalized by artists and poets in many of his works. Take this for example the famous love story of number 1 in the world – by Romeo and Juliet. Since the romance especially the balcony of Juliet takes place and there you can see a gorgeous, romantic window. Especially old window construction exudes an unmistakable nostalgia and a delightful touch of times long gone enchants us.

The uniqueness of Venice

Fensterbau Venice romantic window building

The window on the photographer André Vicente Gonçalveshad exactly this effect probably, as he undertook his long walks in some cities in southern Europe. He has photographed mainly in Portugal, where you can enjoy the beautiful Ajulezos, but also in Italy and in the Alps. It’s like a colorful feast for the senses, if you look at all these beautiful Windows. They differ in their Windows and shades, and each has its own character. Tell life stories. One can perceive it also as a close shot of a certain era.

Medieval impressions from the Alps

Fensterbau window design Alpine

Window quite unconsciously accompany us for a lifetime. We will only notice them if they were suddenly not there. You give us light, fresh air and are of vital importance in our everyday lives. You also generally apply as a symbol for hope. Who knows not the famous lament: where God closes a door, he always opens a window.

Let us consider together now many romantic window and take a mental city trip in the South! Bon voyage!

Colorful window in Albufeira, Portugal

Fensterbau Albufeira Portugal Algarve

The magic on the island of Burano, in the vicinity of Venice

Fensterbau Burano Island North ItalyFensterbau Burano Italy Venice

Joy of life from Porto

window construction design window Porto Portugal

Portuguese charm of Ericeira on the Atlantic West Coast

window construction Ericeira Portugal West CoastFensterbau Ericeira West Atlantic coast of Portugal

Sunny views from Évora, Portugal

window construction Évora city Portugal

Nostalgic window construction from Guimaraes in Northern Portugal

Fensterbau Guimarães North Portugal

The beautiful, Portuguese town Sesimbra

Fensterbau Sesimbra Portugal window

Antique Trento in Portugal

Fensterbau Trento East North Italy Tyrol

The incomparable Venice

Fensterbau Venice beautiful window

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