What Is The Role Of Importance For Our Well Being The Yin Yang?

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Yin Yang meaning balance balance

The Yin Yang meaning and the harmonious flow of energy in our body

In the previous article we explained the meaning of the yin and Yang energies. In addition, we have started to grapple with the issue of balance between these in our everyday lives. Because it is a fundamental issue, we want to consider this in more detail. We continue today with further tips the balance between yin and Yang.

The yin and Yang symbol stands for an absolute perfection

Yin Yang SymbolBedeutung wholeness

Fresh vegetables and ripe fruits are always asked

We have already published many articles about vegetable and fruit varieties. Even if you not have remembered the details of all products and their effect, the following in the sense remained you surely: they all offer different healthy nutrients, their amount and type are something different, as with all remaining food.

Perfection is the eternal quest for balance

Yin Yang symbol meaning fresh vegetables

Most of the vegetables and fruits have continue to at least one ingredient, the is hardly a or even in any other food contains. Transferred to the yin and Yang of knowledge, it means that all vegetables and fruit in an own way promote energy the yin and Yang.

By alternating taking of such, keep a balance, without having to heavy bills.

We all dream of a balanced life

Yin Yang meaning own type of consequences

Better organize your finances

The interaction between our Interior and the physical world is of fundamental importance. The financial problems reflect deficiencies that we have in our mental state. We believe our luck or other high value. In addition, the lack of money could be interpreted as a weak Yang, so robust male energy. By you so worry about your material wealth, you achieve more harmony between yin and Yang.

According to their own pace each of us happiness should yearn

Yin Yang meaning black and white

The diet should be balanced

Yin Yang meaning balanced food

According to the own sense of feed

Yin Yang meaning female

Less alcohol and synthetic stimulations

Alcohol and other drugs, which artificially promote our senses, prevent us from getting a clear idea of the real state of our organism. You allow this is therefore rather in measured quantities, the task of the Yin-Yang balance in everyday life to make it easier.

Positive emotions and appreciation compensates the scales

Yin Yang meaning luck

Success do well

Yin Yang meaning luck

Follow the natural course of things

Yin Yang meaning Prrogress River Unednlichkeit

Be in harmony with nature and the environment

Yin Yang meaning yoga practice

Take the natural forces as a model

Yin Yang meaning water fire

Sports and exercise

Yoga is the wisdom of the East, which contributes to an inner balance through the promotion of the body. You assumes that everything in our spirit has a physical representation. Basically the usual sports is nothing other. Regularly perform these, avoid tension and physical weakness in certain areas.

Fresh food is always preferred

Yin Yang meaning Apple fresh green food

There you can orient yourself intuitively according to colour

Yin Yang meaning pomegranate

Find the balance between exercise and diet

Yin Yang meaning balance

Regional shop and to eat seasonally

Yin Yang meaning fresh vegetables

This way they promote also the Yin-Yang balance. Find the balance between the two energies at the sports you choose also. You need the strength exercises promote Yang, as well as the light training characterized by Yin, such as stretching, Pilates, etc.

Take your meal with all your senses completely true

Yin Yang meaning fresh cherry

Intuitive search after the contradictions

Yin Yang meaning sunflower pumpkin

Cook Sien themselves and sing it!

Yin Yang meaning cooking

Nature makes most everything

Yin Yang meaning waterfall

Not only the sport, but also any kind of movement and employment in our everyday life, has a Yin or Yang loaded character. Try anything from this perspective just to watch. Use your intuition and feelings, to have both adequate in everyday life. This trust any teaching and any expert who imposes an approach or method. Learned from the remarks of others, but remember that we all finally have the necessary knowledge about our well-being in us.

You stretch, feel, take time to enjoy

Yin Yang meaning yoga practice balancing

Bowls right mood spirit and body

Yin Yang meaning KLangschale

Take time to restore the balance

Yin Yang meaning Yoga meditation

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