When Is Mother’s Day? Beautiful Tradition With A Long History

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When is mother’s day 2015?

The most beautiful holiday to honor all mothers will take place on the second Sunday in May. On this day the mothers in the Western world are celebrated and honored, they are rewarded with small gifts, Gebasteltem, poems. Fragrant bouquets may not be missing on this day, they are an absolute must! In this way, we try to thank our dear mothers for their care and their boundless love!

Every year, many mothers on this holiday are spoiled by beautiful gifts and other nice gestures on the part of their families. On this day they need neither Cook nor clean. Because the actual meaning of this family Festival is just to pay tribute to our mothers housework, seen often as a matter of course. And that’s always a great occasion to celebrate, isn’t?

Lovingly together celebrate

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The mother’s day comes every year in the merry month of may, in the second week, this year we celebrate him so on May 10.

Origin and history of mother’s day

But know exactly why this holiday on the second Sunday in may falls?

Little surprise – grand gesture

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So that we can correctly answer this question, we must turn to history and back looking for the origin of mother’s day in the past. History tells us that the ancient Greeks already organized a Festival to honor the mother of the god Zeus. Unfortunately this custom with the breakup of the ancient Greek Empire was lost, however he was later recorded by various rulers. It can be not shown historically that these were exactly on the ancient Greek tradition. But it is an undisputed fact that the “Mothering Day” was introduced in England in the 13th century by Henry III.. On this day, the whole family together should come and go together in the Church. In this way should the Christians ‘ mother church ‘ commemorate. There was even an attempt to introduce a Festival in honor of mothers in Europe. It was in France, at the beginning of the 19th century. At that time, its political power through Europe spread Napoleon Bonapartes. Unfortunately his plan through mother’s day perished in 1815, at the same time with his political downfall.

So they celebrated mid-20th century

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In more recent history, the mother’s day finds its origin in 1872 in America. Julia Ward Howe, a well known representative of the women’s movement there, claimed at the time that a day is dedicated to American mothers in the year, where you could honor them for all their efforts. Their demand remained but unfulfilled.

Anna Marie Jarvis is regarded as founder of mother’s day, so as we celebrate it today actually. She is also a well-known American feminist. She campaigned for the introduction of an official holiday in honor of mothers. All their efforts have been rewarded and in 1914, the mother’s day in the United States was officially recognised holiday.

Here the question arises logically? But why do we celebrate mother’s day in may? How was the date chosen? We look back again on the story, to find the answer there.

Nothing can compete with the motherly love

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Anna Marie Jarvis tried to create a nut movement on the second anniversary of death of her mother. She held her on 12.Mai, 1907 a service honor. A year later, Anna Marie organized a memorial service for all mothers. As a sign of her love for her dead mother she had on this occasion before the Church distribute 500 carnations to other mothers. Then she campaigned for the creation of an official mother’s day. On May 8, 1914 the United States Congress finally declared the second Sunday in May to the mother’s day. The English responded very positively and could also celebrate the “Mothering Day” again. Mother’s day was introduced in the Switzerland in 1917 as a holiday, then in 1918 1918 Sweden followed by Norway.

Since 1923, this day is also among the holiday calendar Germany 1924 he was officially recorded in Austria.

Make it a special day

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The mother’s day evolved very quickly, people liked the idea to celebrate together in the family circle and to honor the mother. Yes, but the development of the holiday was in a commercial direction, this was a celebration of gifts! This development had not intended actually Anna Marie Jarvis. Although the international response was very large, the original message of the holiday was actually lost, she said. Jarvis went even before court and prohibit the mother’s day left. But she lost!

As it celebrates mother’s day today in the Western world, and every year on the second Sunday in may!

Start with breakfast in bed

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Posh craft ideas for mother’s day

when is mother's day craft handmade gifts

Order digital photos on canvas online

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Prepare a special drink for your mother

when is mother's day mother sparkling Strawberry drink

Snacks with fresh fruit to the festive occasion

when is mother's Day Frog prepare appetizers

Tulips are the most popular flowers for mother’s day

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An original cake and decorate with fruit and flowers

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