Where Should We Put The Cookbooks Kitchen Equipment -?

Kitchen equipment – interior design ideas with cookbooks

The cookbooks make up an increasingly important part of our interior. They guarantee a healthy life for us, to get us away from the finished and half-finished products and dishes. But where could we all be, actually this? In the following you will find some good ideas can help home these practical tips on this subject, and above all the decoration for you.

Kitchen equipment – ideas with cookbooks

kitchen equipment books issue free-standing kitchen island

The kitchen island

If you are planning a kitchen island, you should see enough storage space at the side. Do you have already a kitchen design? Laterally integrated shelves would be a wonderful place for storing cookbooks. They are colors spice up the room and keep the healthy recipes within reach in addition.

Kitchen equipment – use the kitchen island as an exhibition space for books

Functional kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen

Visible or not?

We advise you on visible solutions to use. However, if you do not wish this, you can add side the storage space on the kitchen island front doors. The fronts made of glass would be a compromise solution.

About the workplace in the kitchen

Modern kitchens often include an open living plan. Others have a job. Anyway, reading corners in the vicinity of the work area are no longer a rarity. You are accommodated in a niche or in a corner and there’s enough room for shelves on the wall.  Cookbooks would be right at this point.

Cookbooks can also serve as decoration

kitchen cookbooks wall shelf kitchen appliances dekoideen

In a hidden place, they are often not really visible. That fits well, if you prefer a clean colour design for your kitchen.

Under the wine rack

Do you have wine racks? Thematically also a shelf with books about wine would look great in your area, or? So place a shelf for the cookbooks right anywhere nearby!

Arrange the books under the wine rack

kitchen books shelves exhibiting living ideas dekoideen

In the upper part of the rear wall of the kitchen

In a wide kitchen is often unused space on the rear wall of the kitchen. This is also a great way for accommodating the cookbooks. Thanks to this solution as an accent area, determine the whole range!

Where does one collect kitchen books actually?

kitchen facilities provide stylish living ideas cookbooks

Exhibit the books on open shelves

kitchen open Wall shelves books bookshelves

Shelves with mixed content

You have already implemented one of these solutions, but no longer sufficient space? This can happen of course! In this case, you have to think just more flexible! The storage space of the modern kitchen can be used for different purposes and different items together can be stored.

Storage ideas in the kitchen

Everywhere, where you have a little more space, you can accommodate also cookbooks. It is important that you have a certain logic in the storage. Otherwise, you forget what where.

A stack of artistic

The book stack on the floor are regarded as an artistic approach in the decoration. They began in the living room, but then the fashion on the other rooms has spread. This is a good idea might be for cookbooks!

Unusual ideas, how you decorate the kitchen

dekoideen kitchen cookbooks kitchen

Arrange the books directly on the countertop

kitchen books dekoideen job

Keep the cookbooks at your fingertips!

The kitchen island is a very functional piece of furniture that offers work space and storage space

kitchen kitchen island work plate storage cookbooks

Interior design ideas for the kitchen

kitchen kitchen island kitchen cookbooks

Pull several bookshelves into consideration

kitchen wall shelf bücherdeko beautiful flooring

Stylish and practical design the kitchen shelves

kitchen wall shelf cookbooks map brick wall