Why Organic Fragrance Oils Are Healthy For Body And Soul

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Fragrance oil oregano organic aroma wellness

Interesting and useful facts about the organic essential oils

The green line in our lives is becoming increasingly important. The advocates of this have shown that if they become convinced of its benefits, it is a life philosophy. Sometime one more can’t be used as textile bags instead of plastic. More and more people realize how important healthy eating is on their way of life and appearance.

Eco-friendly cars are always accessible, there is also cosmetic products more and more organic. We want to respond to the last point now like to. Here we mean above all the scented oils and their positive impact on our appearance.

Collect wild herbs and enjoy their fragrance

fragrance oils dried Heikräuter Chamomile

Organic and ordinary fragrance oils – and different characteristics

The organic fragrance oils are not so long on the market. They are still not very common in the trade. They can be found more often on the Internet and in the specific chain of shops.

Especially the information about it is but still not updated in the minds of the users. Many are of the opinion that the bio is no different from the synthetic fragrance oils. Actually, both products are similar only according to their purpose: they are there to ensure aesthetic enjoyment and even commercial gain.

Miracle cure ginger

fragrance oil oregano organic Ginger healthy

But the organic essential oils have been created from an average of 95% natural ingredients. By opting for a certified product, protect yourself, and your health from chemical, synthetic and toxic substances. Only the plant-based raw materials are used in the process of production.

The advantages of organic essential oils at a glance:

They irritate the senses with no intrusive smell. Many of the unpleasant side effects of synthetic variants are not there;
The organic essential oils are very suitable for people with allergies;
Security: The fragrance oils are water-based. Thus, the fire hazard is avoided;
Eco-friendly: There are no substances or ingredients, which pollute the environment;
Pet friendly: The organic fragrance oils are not tested in laboratory animals, so they are very morally; in this respect
Plants and essential oils:

Are you much more expensive organic fragrance oils?

Jasmine and vanilla – a beguiling combination of aroma

essential oil oregano organic Jasmine vanilla

Actually, the prices of organic essential oils are not much higher than the synthetic kind brands brands. But use products of the middle class, then we have a two-to threefold difference.

But this is so only at first glance. The organic essential oils and products made from it are much more concentrated. For this reason, it is also possible that they can be used over a much longer period.

Cardamom is known historically for its wonderful scent

essential oil oregano organic Kadamom fragrant

Lavender calms the mind and the senses

fragrance oil oregano organic herbs of fresh Lavender

Oregano contains valuable essential oil

fragrance oil oregano organic herbs healthy

Put your bath salts with lavender oil

essential oil oregano organic herbal Lavender bath salts

Heavenly moments with delicate fragrances

fragrance oils oregano organic herbal plant Aroma massage

Medicinal herbs and citrus fruits

essential oil oregano organic herbal citrus

Experience the far East up close

essential oil oregano organic Orchid tea

Rosa Damascena and your precious rose oil

fragrance oils oregano organic rose Damascena-Bulgaria

Contemplative dream journey

fragrance oils oregano organic of Spa Wellness massage

The beautiful Rosemary and its aroma elegance

fragrance oil oregano organic Rosemary

Almost all coniferous trees are rich in valuable fragrance oils

fragrance oils oregano organic pine cones

The ultimate winter scent – the sensual cinnamon

fragrance oils aromatherapy cinnamon

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