Window Decoration In The Advent: (Immer Wieder) Current Ideas 2017

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In the case of window decorations in Advent, people develop quite different attitudes. The one love the tradition and always look forward to the well-known beautiful things. Others, on the other hand, consider tradition to be a routine that bores and constrains them. Both sides we would like to provoke with the following article. Through a few questions we ask you to make the decoration more original than before and to adapt to your own mood and the attitude of your family.

Paint several times the same pattern to the window for more treat

christmas decorations

Who is the window decoration intended for?

Who will be most pleased with the window decoration? Are they the children, the mother or perhaps the neighbors? Would you like to impress your guests and refresh the atmosphere in the living room? Depending on how exactly you answer this question, you can choose different strategies.

If it is meant for the little ones, then it can be a bit more childish and naive. If you want to spoil your guests, you can set up the rooms in which they are staying. If you want to contribute to the Christmas spice up of the residential district, then you will mainly create the windows, which are visible to everyone. In the rest of the house you can then proceed somewhat more discreetly.

Great window decoration for the Adventszeit can be made only from cones

Pens window decoration in the advent

How exactly should the window decoration be registered in your interior design?

Would you like to go through the Christmas decoration on the window rather new aspects in the interior furnishings? Or is it better for you to harmoniously inscribe yourself into the space concept so far? You can make a different decision every year. Let us take a minimalist home as an example. Monochrome color pallets are generally chosen for this. These can be selected for window decoration. In the forms one could also put on simplicity. These could also repeat certain patterns from the interior.

Alternatively, however, you have the opportunity to create variety in the same ambience through colored patterns or figures. Such ideas are particularly effective in a minimalistic furnishing concept.

Window decoration with industrial radiation

window decoration christmas great and simple ideas

What dimensions should the window decoration have?

Let’s talk a bit about the various strategies for window decoration. How many dimensions do you want to integrate? You can simply paint a few snowflakes at the window or make them from paper and glue them. In addition, you can also hang garlands from various gifts of nature, Christmas figures or other objects. Finally, you can also decorate the window sill beautifully.

Bring you home in the Advent season!

window decoration christmas ideas with grinders

What kind of psychological effect do you want to achieve?

In the end, window decoration in Advent is about spreading a festive mood. It is quite individual how to do that. For some people, funny figures, such as the creeping deer from the image above, are ideal to arouse a smile. Others want to bring winter nature through the Christmas tree branches and snow figures. What mood or mood do you miss in the middle of winter and on the threshold of the new year? This is exactly what you have to spread through the window decoration during Advent.

Christmas window decoration made of wood

window decoration christmas ideas wooden

This theme is minimalistic and fabulous at the same time

fabulous window decoration in the advent

Window decoration – Forest theme with fir tree branches

christmas tree ornaments

Collect natural values ​​in Christmas shades

flower heads green twigs red accents

Window decoration from bright stars

window decoration in advent lights

Genuine and painted Christmas balls make this window decoration

window decoration in advent painted red sphere

Great window decoration in red and green

window decoration in advent red ribbons and green branches

What would you make a decorative fir tree?

Window decoration in the Advent peak

These decoration ideas are quite traditional, but also original

green red window decoration

The window decoration for the children’s room can be combined with your little ones

painted window decoration for children's ideas

Minimalism and tradition are marvelously paired here

hanging christmas candle green on neutral ribbons
inscription window decoration ideas
christmas ball as window decoration
red white window decoration in the advent
christmas tree decoration for window
Fir tree branches window decoration in the advent

The materials for such a decoration are often already at home

window decoration simple fir trees made of paper

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