World Travel Theme: The Best Coastal Cities In The World

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Do you love beach holidays? But you also want to travel around the world? However, you do not have to choose one of the two options. The routes of many world trips include some of the most beautiful coastal cities in the world. We have selected five for you. We would like to introduce you to them.

We can not provide a detailed overview of the places of interest in this article. All five coastal cities offer far too much to be represented in short sections. To this end, we have added some links for you.

Rather, we give you some insider tips that are useful for the quick visit. Because during a world trip we can not stay anywhere long. That is why we should be quite selective in the choice of routes and places visited.

Mondfestival, monks

Monks on full moon

World trip to Bangkok, Thailand

The city is known for the floating markets, the water channels with interesting curves, as well as with their Impressive art and architecture , In addition, there are several unusual festivals throughout the year.

We would like to recommend you a visit in September.

This is especially true if you love the interesting local festivities and festivals. There is that So-called moon festival , This takes place in Chinatown. You may know the festival from China. In Bangkok you will experience a slightly converted version of the same.

Live music, Hawaii

live music-hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

A completely different destination is Honolulu, Hawaii , It offers much more than recreation in an exotic atmosphere. We would like to recommend this place to all lovers of good live music. In Oahu play the whole year Through very many different bands live.

The local artists ensure a good atmosphere both in the luxurious spa resorts, as well as in bars and restaurants.

Summer in Oslo


Oslo, Norway

Even in the north summer can be beautiful. Here you will find Some of the most beautiful sights ! In Oslo, this is very strong for August. Here you have a very intense social life. In August of this year you can use the Festival Øya visit.

The Cultural Center Belem, Lisbon

belem culture center-lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

Seven hills that offer a wonderful view of This beautiful city And their coast. This is the only way to make a trip to Lisbon. If you have little time, you must travel with the Electrical Piaggio , So you enjoy the stiff streets without having to run too much on yourself. Unforgettable is the visit also With the historic tramway 28 , And you can not miss the nightlife. The experiences with fado and other music in the unique bars remain unforgettable.

On architecture in Lisbon you will find More information here ,

Exotic nature and modern architecture make up the charm of Sydney

sydney-exotic colorful

Sydney, Australia

The 5th coastal city, which we would like to introduce in the context of the theme of World Travel, is Sydney. On the subject of sights you will also find many different great sites. We recommend the following sources: Archidaily Art Brutalist architecture . TripAdvisor , and this Website about festivals ,

Be sure to discover Adobe Bistro , Every week, on Fridays and Sundays, from 2 pm to 4 pm, you will get the unique chocolate high tea, a chocolate temptation for the afternoon. So you can also make a trip around the world, thanks to the great taste. This takes you through Colombia, Madagascar, Peru, Venezuela and Cuba.

These destinations are perfect if you like to travel to very large metrolopolis. You can also add the list, of course. You can also create another according to your own criteria. Perhaps you prefer small coastal towns that are less well-known and visited? Open the atlas and act according to your taste!

More from Bangkok…

Swimming markets bangkok
Em Quarters building-bangkok

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hotels honolulu
hawaii_stadt Coast
Exotic beaches hawaii
Surfing on the beach


Oslo attractions 1
Park architecture oslo
Oslo city view 2
Oslo attractions 3


Tor Belem lisbon
Sightseeing lisbon
View lisbon

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