Woven Artworks From Mexico – Handmade Masterpieces

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woven works of art from Mexico stimulating colors

Woven works of art from Mexico

The decoration according to global issues and the Chair are strongly correlated. You might find nothing in common with? Knowledge of the modern Designdisplay makes them even more impressive. Today, we give an example with the theme of “Mexico”.

The land is an impressive resource for upscale and knitted textiles. From this come many overwhelming blankets, interesting pillows and rugs with graphic designs. They provide a rustic southwestern flair to any room.

Mexico is a large country with very rich arts and crafts tradition. The main styles come from the culture of the following three Indian Nations: Saltillo, Otami and Zapotec. Every single nation has its own style and distinctive patterns.

The three are briefly shown here:


The bright Mexican blanket in style of this people is a gorgeous cover for sofas and beds

woven works of art from Mexico colorful striped bedspread

You can apply these wonderful old furniture. Because the cover can be easily removed, you can be somewhat brave in choosing the colors.

Saltillo was called the capital of the Mexican State of Coahuila. She is known for the originating from there, woven, multicolored bedspreads. Often, you will be resumed in the modern Mexican design.

The neutral colors do you prefer?

In the figure we have a ceiling in shades of black and white

woven works of art from Mexico elegant bed

Would this be something for you? It fits wonderfully to the eclectic contemporary bedroom.

You can bolster some furniture with the Mexican patterned fabrics. You can see a solution on a stool in the depicted space.

The small piece of furniture is a real eye catcher

woven works of art from Mexico patterned pillows and great stool cover

The colorful runner attracts the attention immediately

woven works of art from Mexico of colored runner


The flora and fauna are typical of this style elements. They are executed in strong colours. This one is limited to two to three shades.

In the picture you can see red and white Otomi pillow. You are harmoniously combined with the suzani bedspread.

At the same time, these knitted works alone for themselves are fabulous

woven works of art from Mexico Bedcover with stylised flowers

Cushion in the next room liven up the mix of the Otomi the ambience that is characterized by modern furniture from the middle of the 20th century.

The whimsical animal elements are a wonderful reference to the forest, offers a view through the window on the by Cathy Schwabe architecture

woven works of art from Mexico floral pattern in red and yellow

Eclectic decor with retro furniture and wall decoration with animal patterns

woven works of art from Mexico great wall decoration in Lilac

American Indian art in cobalt blue on white background

woven works of art from Mexico stylized animals in cobalt blue

Smaller runners in natural colors with diamond-shaped patterns and small crosses

woven works of art from Mexico rustic in natural colors


We now devote ourselves to the Zapotec carpets. Recall the works of the Navajo people and are all suitable. The Zapotek Indians date from the middle of Mexico and have their own traditions in the weaving of rugs and blankets. In recent years, they have however simplified playback the Navajo materials dedicated to. But on the other hand the root of Navajo art go back originally to the Aztecs and Zapotecs.

The carpets of the Zapotec show simple graphics. You can enroll seamlessly in a room with subtle nuances and thereby revive this beautiful.

Master pattern on the wall in subtle colors

woven works of art from Mexico Wanddeco in beige and black

The woven panels in the image were actually intended as a cushion

woven works of art from Mexico Würfelförmige stool

They can serve as a square Chair but wonderfully. You are here the only strong pattern in a room with a beach atmosphere. They remain for a rustic touch.

To conclude I would like to look at this colored cushions along with you. It also embodies the properties for which this art is so popular. The woven works of Mexican Indian peoples wonderfully complement the rustic style. They could all be on the world, why not also with us at home!

Colourful and elegant at the same time

woven works of art from Mexico beautiful pillow

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