You Beautify Your Spring Porch 12 Smart Ideas For Planters-

Posted on Jul 23, 2013

send ideas for planters and lush vegetation all private

12 smart ideas for planters

The planters can cover many features–up vulnerabilities, accentuate the style, or simply inspire. And in contrast with the intense projects, putting fresh Ego² takes only a free weekend not much time -.  Look at the next 12 ideas, which we’ve collected from the traditional form of cutting nursery modern ball-shaped Ego², wall garden and walls.

Take advantage of high plant pot to make the private space. On this porch, lush green, tall grass and Creepers build a green wall. Try large flower box-shaped plant pot on a low wall for a similar effect to make.

Awaken a sense of an architectural form cutting nursery garden. The cleverly clipped plants bring the look and feel of an architectural Garden on the porch.

Are looking for tall, elegant plant pot like this on the screen for a modern look out, and large plants for a traditional look

chic ideas for large white planters for boxwood

Build a wall garden

send ideas for planters living wall decoration

The focus is on the porch can be complicated and pretty as a work of art, so a wall garden. Try it yourself for the first time in a smaller format, or hire a professional to build something for you it.

Be modern with spherical Ego².

Very trendy, the planters on the screen make the porch

send ideas for planters Bowl-shaped pastel yellow and Seladongrün

One or two planters are sufficient for an intense impression.

Set up a classical Italian garden with oversized planter URN.

A weathered urn with roses and creeping Ivy is simply romantic

send ideas for planters ceramic ornaments Italian flair

Build a private living wall

send ideas for planters grey oblong

Long and low planters with Palm trees ensure privacy on an urban patio. A look at the local Garden Center about the varieties that are suitable for your lighting conditions.

Learning to mix plants in a pot

chic ideas for very high for planters mixed plants

You have to read much about it actually, such articles can be found in Internet.

Take notes of Cafés

send ideas for plant pot square Matt surface

Design the patio space in the context of the larger garden with extra-large Ego² and make umbrellas at the end.

Accentuate your outdoor space with Cactus Garden on the table

send ideas for planters from clay with cacti Mexico style

Fill a shallow, round container with one or several Cactus species for elegant look. Complement the desert cultivation with raw wood furniture, stones and engraved candle holder.

Raise the vines to a new level with wire mesh

chic ideas for planters bamboo and Creepers

Not as expected as wooden grids, metal gives a rustic look.

Enjoy fragrant flowers.

Grow roses, jasmine or other fragrant plants on the Pergola or grid of Arterra LLP landscape of architects

send ideas for planters inviting fire In the fireplace

Flower box. Frame the views from the veranda with a series of flower box at the edge.

Tell us: what are your popular planters?

Breakfast overlooking the sea

chic ideas for planters spacious with sea view

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