Make Shabby Chic Decoration Yourself: Practical Tips And Lots Of Inspiration

Very thin lace, delicate pastel colors and magnificent peonies… yes, it’s up to us to make Shabby Chic decoration ourselves today! This romantic deco and living style has been in vogue for a long time and still makes the hearts of passionate craft fanatics beat faster. Shabby chic is almost always closely associated with the vintage style and often barely distinguished. Because neither style gives way in terms of romantic nostalgia.

So, whether you want to design your whole room in shabby chic or just need a few decorative items, it means first: a discovery tour in Grandma’s basement or at the flea market venture. If you already have the right finds at hand, then creativity and craftiness are in demand. Of course helpful are also practical tips and simple instructions, like this one. Stay with us and find out more!

Make Shabby Chic decoration yourself and set up your own four walls

Decoupage meets Shabby Chic

The awesome simple napkin technique Decoupage, for example, is simply made for the Shabby Chic decoration. This can beautify virtually all sorts of objects and radiate romantic nostalgia. With the desired napkin motifs you can transform every vase or flower pot, every glass bottle or mason jar into beautiful gems in an instant.

Old picture frames or pieces of furniture become original eye-catchers and old serving boards or wall clocks get a second chance in an instant and enchant with their unmistakable Shabby Chic touch.

The old watering can can be beautified very quickly and easily

With a bit of color and the right flower motif, the wall clock becomes the ultimate eye-catcher in the room

Wooden boxes are perfect for decoupage

Tin cans and old music paper can do wonders

Lace bows and roses give your craft in shabby chic the finishing touches

Window wing to dream

You can seal some of your decoupage creations with a layer of liquid glass

Just use your imagination and give your home a beautiful shabby chic aftertaste

Decorate furniture in shabby chic

Old pieces of furniture can come to life and shine in their fullest shabby chic. And that’s really easy. With a bit of sandpaper, white furniture polish, brushes, a chic stencil and some furniture wax, you can easily create such a vintage closet, for example.

Dare… even for the inexperienced, this is a breeze

Take a look at the video below to see how it works:

And if you want to make a pretty Shabby Chic chest of drawers yourself, you could here look.

Or do you prefer such a DIY vintage side table?

Of course you can also use the decoupage technique

You can also use any other colors when beautifying the furniture

Make Christmas decorations in shabby chic yourself

Although Shabby Chic Deko would rather make itself for birthdays and weddings, the unmistakable, romantic touch of this style definitely fits for Christmas. Especially if you like vintage and nostalgia and really appreciate the romance of bygone times, the next craft ideas are the right ones for you. Depending on the taste and interior design style, you can then make the Christmas decoration more girlish, with a lot of glitter and glamor, or rather calm and quaint mastered with natural materials and nostalgic decorative items. Below you will find a few original and simple ideas for Christmas tree decorations and even for whole DIY Christmas tree made of fabric and lace.

Tinker Christmas tree ornaments made of fabric and lace yourself

Hang a few heart pendants on the Christmas tree or on the window

Simple instructions for heart pendant made of fabric

The Shabby Chic is also in the right place for gift wrapping

And that’s how easy you can make a loop of fabric yourself

It’s just as easy with felt-flower crafting

Making shabby chic decoration yourself is very easy

Fabric and lace become Christmas tree – just wonderful!

You can also make a filigree vintage Christmas tree like this

And do not forget the matching Shabby Chic Christmas cookies!

Birthday party and wedding in vintage and shabby chic style

The serene mood and unmistakable romance that the two styles give to any ambience have definitely made them the most popular in wedding and birthday decoration. Numerous on-site and online decors offer a plethora of beautiful decorations in these styles and really benefit from them. Of course, it would be much easier and, above all, much faster if you order your wedding or birthday decoration directly from a shop. But if you want to make your very personal and unique Shabby Chic decoration yourself, then you can be inspired by the ideas in our picture gallery.

We wish you a lot of fun while watching and copying!

You succeed and stay creative!

Stylish wedding decor ideas in shabby chic style

White birds and flowers in rose quartz are simply a classic

Just as popular are keys as a symbol of heartfelt love and affection

Roses, pearls, white lace and angels…

Make beautiful shabby chic vases yourself

Old clothespins become magnificent decoration clips

Gorgeous Shabby Chic deco for the girls birthday

Also a few fabric garlands fit perfectly

Napkin rings made of lace and plucking are simple and noble at the same time

With plucking can actually do a lot more…

… with parcel cord or jute, of course…

… and top is like always on top of the list

And last but not least a few examples of home-made Shabby Chic deco in everyday life:

Create your own personal Shabby Chic oasis at home…

… and celebrate the beauty and the uniqueness of many beautiful moments!

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