Precious Stones: Meaning And Effect Of The Best-known Healing Stones

gemstones meaning and effect types of stone

Buy gems in accordance with their importance

Many eras and cultures have led to the common belief, which are connected with gems. This rare gifts of nature have inspired many thinkers and mystics to their works. They were impressed with their great qualities, all also on different ways and for different purposes.

Gemstones and their meanings

Zodiac gemstones meaning and effect


If you want to buy gems which you protect, this is a very good choice. To attract this force. People can protect themselves by agates from bad dreams. These are the most widespread faith. People who believe in importance of gems, believe that it takes a balance of energies and can bring the own talent also.

Gemstones meaning: agate protects from bad dreams

gems meaning agate healing stones effect

Amazon stones

Would you like to buy gems that show a gentle and calming effect? Then you would have to decide according to connoisseurs for Amazon stones.  It is believed that one can spread negative energy as a result. It also allows easier overcome the feelings of sadness.

Amazon stones have a calming effect

gems meaning Amazon stones of healing effect


The gems meaning experts say also interesting about the Amethyst. You claim you could settle this, get the own thoughts into the handle. Carrier of amethyst develop a greater intuition, be sensitive and have more stable values. It has also long believed that to make addictions, including alcohol, can fight.

You get your own thoughts in the handle with an amethyst

gems meaning Amethyst healing crystals effect


You should buy apatite gems if you want to promote your own communication skills. You could overcome the voltage so that the people who are knowledgeable in gems meaning to say so. Apatite also can help to overcome by grief.

Apatite promotes communication skills

gems meaning apatite healing stones buy


Have perhaps oversized fears and are not brave enough? Then it can do you good according to experts, if you would buy aquamarine stones. Be especially useful, if you want to go through travel long.

The aquamarine is encouraging

gems meaning aquamarine healing effect

Green Aventurine

People who are versed in the meaning of gemstones, claiming that it could tighten the prosperity through this. It would be useful, many claim to have such a gem in the left pocket, when one takes a ticket in the lottery.

Aventurine – for luck in the lottery

gems meaning Aventurine green healing stone effect

Rock crystal

You should then buy these gems when you want to find the root of a problem.

Rock crystal solves the problems

Zodiac gems meaning rock crystal healing stones effect

Blue Topaz

You should buy these gems when you encounter many obstacles on your way in the professional or personal life. Also it encourages creative skills. This stone is typical for writers, artists and intellectuals. Thus, one can think on a higher intellectual level. Mental fears can be overcome in many people according to the connoisseurs of gems meaning. It promotes thus loyalty, friendship, kindness, and the ability to integrate.

Mental fears overcome with Blue Topaz stones

gems meaning Blue Topaz healing stones buy


If you buy chalcedony gemstones, are owned by the something, which was held sacred by the Indians. Chalcedony stands for brotherhood and good intentions to others. It was these tribes have always most important.  You can mitigate this hostility, irritability and melancholy symptoms.

Chalcedony stands for brotherhood

Zodiac gemstones meaning chalcedony healing stones buy

Citrine (yellow quartz)

Do you want to open your senses and your mind for new ideas and settings? Thus, one can overcome the unnecessary anxiety and impatience. By citrine to promote also the optimism. Gemstones meaning experts recommend the businessmen very often these yellow Quartz.

Restlessness and impatience to overcome – so has a yellow Qwarz

Zodiac gems meaning citrine radon nuts buy


Diamonds are expensive, we know. How many people who buy such gems, but know also your meaning? Diamonds absorb our thoughts and get rid of the unnecessary surplus of thoughts. Even more! Through diamond, you can draw from the power of other precious stones and people. It was believed in the ancient world, it thus could protect themselves from toxins.

Diamonds are not only expensive, but also valuable for mental health

Zodiac gems meaning diamond healing stones buy


Diopside is a gemstone of the cleaning. To heal this trauma, to come out to them through tears. You are promoting so that creativity, love, and the ability to surrender.

Diopside – gem of cleaning

Zodiac gems meaning diopside radon nuts buy


You can thus balance the own intuition. You learn so that the precious importance connoisseurs are better according to people. Also, you could think with the help of fluorspar outside the framework and create better concentration.

Fluorspar promotes intuition

Zodiac gemstones meaning fluorspar violet healing stones buy


These are the gems of passionate devotion to everything. You help in this respect, no matter whether it is family or the own life purpose. Also in the business, to attract this success, it is believed.

Garnet – gem of passion

Zodiac gems meaning Garnet purple healing stones buy


With regard to the importance of the precious stones, it is believed that one could promote the clairvoyance to. The Shakudo probably helps to achieve a higher level of awareness.  Also debt States are eliminated more easily and it would automatically charge.

The Shakudo stands for more responsibility and consciousness in the life

Zodiac gemstones meaning Shakudo radon nuts buy


This is the stone of purity. You can then buy the nephrite, if you want to free the way to success of fears and uncertainty. It also connects the garden art jade. Thus, to win a better crop.

It connects the garden art jade

Zodiac gems meaning jade healing stones buy


Jasper associated with relaxation, concentration, compassion, support and comfort. You can stress relax so easily according to experts and reach a balancierteres life.

Jasper is associated with relaxation and concentration

Zodiac gemstones meaning Jasper healing stones buy


Kyanite is a stone of relaxation. It clarifies the intellect thus. To overcome emotional and General mental confusion. In anger and frustration, he can help a lot.

When anger and frustration kyanite can have a relaxing

Zodiac gemstones meaning kyanite healing stones buy

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli gems are of importance to friendship and truth. It thus more harmony in personal relations. It is also a stone of wisdom and knowledge.

Lapis lazuli is of importance to friendship and truth

Zodiac gemstones meaning lapis lazuli healing stones buy

Moon stone

Here we have gems, which are to buy, if you want to improve your own communication. It works through the promotion of clear thinking, inspiration and the ability to see relationships more clearly.

Moon stones create clarity in our thoughts

Zodiac gemstones meaning Moon healing stones buy


Buy Onyxe, if you are generally would mitigate against negative influences.

Onyx fends off the negative influences

Zodiac gemstones meaning Onyx healing stones buy


The precious stones-meaning of the opal is strongly associated with positive emotions of love and passion in conjunction. To promote spontaneity, imagination, dreams and healing.

Opal is the stone of positive emotions such as love and passion

Zodiac gems meaning Opal healing stones buy


Also these gems to help to achieve more prosperity. It is open and become more intense. Overcome depression, nervousness and anxiety.

Would you achieve more prosperity in your life, then you put on Peridot

Zodiac gemstones meaning Peridot healing stones buy


If you want to buy gems that have a real mystical aura, then you are exactly right with Prehnite. This is the stone of the mediation, the dreams and the bright vision.

The stone of mediation is the Prehnite

Zodiac gemstones meaning Prehnite radon nuts buy

Smoky quartz

Therefore encourages the natural endurance and purity.

Smoky quartz symbolizes endurance and purity

smoky quartz gemstones meaning healing stones buy

Rose Quartz

You know the Rose Quartz as the stone of gentle love. Relationships so that you can make a quiet and peaceful.

Tenderness and love need the protection of the Rose Quartz

Zodiac gemstones meaning Rose Quartz healing stones buy


The most popular Ruby Gems meaning is as protectors against diseases and bad luck. At the same time, it helps one to open one’s own heart and to love themselves and others.

Rubin – protection against disease and misfortune

Gems meaning Rubin healing stones buy effect


It connects these gems with everything in life, bringing joy and love with.

Sapphire stands for joy in life

Sapphire gemstones meaning healing stones buy


Emerald gems are then to buy, if you want to promote fertility and physical strength. To free himself thus from depression and insomnia. You better come to self-knowledge and is in general more peaceful and balanced.

You rid of depression and Insomnia with Emerald stones

gems meaning Emerald healing stones buy


Long time this gemstone has been confused with Ruby and has little self importance. It connects him with relaxation and resolution of concerns.

The resolution of concerns among superpowers of the spinel

spinel stones gemstones meaning healing stones buy


Discovered recently by the Europeans, were very important these gemstones have always been for the Masai tribes. Transanit represents the life.

The abundance of life inside the stone Transanit

Transanit gems meaning healing effect

Tiger eye

You can overcome the anxiety and nervousness, if one has to think logically and quickly.

No fear and no nervousness, if you own a tiger eye

Tiger eye gems meaning healing stones effect


To reassure the poor temperament.

The power of the smoke Topaz can moderate temperament

Topaz smoky Topaz gemstones meaning healing stones buy


Thus, to win power, both mentally and physically. Also, it is balanced and more understanding.

Tourmaline has balancing effect

tourmaline gemstones meaning healing stones buy


So happiness, love, success and money are attracted to this according to precious stones significance connoisseurs.

Who don’t want but these 3 goods money, success, and love -?

Turquoise gemstones meaning healing stones buy


We conclude with zircon. You should buy these gems when you grow spiritually and be wise to!

Zircon means wisdom and spirituality

zircon gemstones meaning healing stones buy