The Sky Lantern And Light Message

Sky Lantern Festival of light at the side of Sri Lanka

Sky Lantern nice Asian tradition, according to which the world is going crazy

Himmelslatternen are generally small, narrow balloons, which are made of paper and wire.  They are known under the name Kongming.  In Asia the sky lantern to pray or used for various events. The historians are of the opinion that the lanterns were used for the first time as a light signal in the 3rd century BC, to announce the approach of the enemy troops.

Sky lanterns are used in Asia as an additive to pray

Sky Lantern Festival of flying lanterns Bangkok

People send their wishes to the universe

Sky Lantern Festival of light on the side of getting

Some traditions in Asia are venerated by the Kongming Lantern

side included Sky Lantern Festival of light

Legend has it that the military strategist has been Zhuge Liang, who was called Kongming also, through the lantern on the life. As he and his warriors of enemies have been surrounded, wrote a message on the Lantern Kongming as last hope and let them rise. It is therefore also the name of the sky lantern. Another legend tells that the lanterns looked like the hat of Zhuge Liang, he was often drawn.

In the Philippines, there is also a custom with the luminous messages

sky lantern lighting Festival congratulations send

The sky lanterns are made of very thin paper and wire

sky lantern lighting Festival Hat

Real things are simple: how much joy these lights!

Sky Lantern Festival of light lights

According to these stories, the sky lantern is very popular and loved by children and adults. She are occasions for light festivals and plays of light, which go very long beyond the Asian region and are gaining more and more popularity in Europe.

No wonder that this beautiful tradition from Asia in the world meets a great tribute

sky lantern festival of light at the side from the bottom

Dazzling look simply only heavenly beautiful

Sky Lantern Festival of light at the side from the top

The hot air is lighter than cold, allowing the rise of Lantern

sky Slaterne light celebration close-up

Today, z.B to use the sky lantern for less traditional occasions, such as birthdays, verscheidene parties or even weddings.  There is a very good reason – thousands flying Hilmmelslaternen in the night sky look just beautiful.

Dealing with fire is dangerous for children and adults, and also at the sky lantern there are no exception.

If the hot air cools and the flame burn but weak, but still, the sky lantern can land and cause damage fire.

You should watch only good that no damage fire is created

sky Slaterne light celebration close-up means good

And we see the sky lanterns on the lake or river, if the weather allows

Sky Lantern Festival of light

Not fantastic is that clear skies and many lights -?

Sky Lantern Festival of light side with mirroring

In a strong wind that blows in an unfavorable direction, the sky lantern can tip over and go up in flames. It can also happen that falls the sky lantern on something flammable, such as arid wood or House. In rare cases, a such small, lovely sky lantern can be dangerous for aircraft in the sky. There are manufacturers who make sky lanterns made of safe materials. The sky lanterns reasons are even banned in some countries.

If you are using a sky lantern, by the military forces or with the sky to communicate, it remains a wonderful sign, as long as that for anyone a hazard.

There are always new festivals and events, where increasingly the sky lanterns have a presence

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