Compact Dressing Tables For Your Elegant And Small Ambience

Small apartments and tricky floor plans are always a hot topic on this website. You’ve probably already internalized the most important rules for dealing with such kind of interiors. Custom furniture and niches, dual functionality and visual enlargement of space are just three of the many different popular strategies. In this article, we would like to illustrate all these important principles with something very concrete: it is about make-up tables, which inscribe themselves in the best possible way in the modern interior design of small apartments.

Floating make-up tables are ideal for seamless design concepts

Floating dressing tables

We start with inspiration for make-up tables of a very modern kind. In the example above, it looks like it has grown out of the wall. It represents a floating construction that was executed in the background color at the same time. This design is in keeping with the seamless white interior of the entire room.

We are dealing with a very modern, monochrome interpretation of the classic interior design style to do. The silver ones decorative objects come out very well on it. In a smaller room, such a procedure would be particularly appropriate because it will not visually restrict the subject.

Choose the accessories to create an exciting contrast

establishment of ideas bedroom-female-cool-wall design-dressing table

Charming mirror design

Make-up tables with mirror surfaces are not at all negligible as an option. They would be very appropriate for many different styles. In the example above the text we are dealing with a feminine vintage interior. This make-up table design has a high decorative value. The items stored thereon are relatively small and you used the space for großdimensienierten lights. As a result, a very bold decorative effect was created.

French-country-house furniture-dressing table-wood-furniture-country style

The advantages of neutral colors

What motivation is behind the decision for a small dressing table? Most of us are concerned that it fulfills its function without taking too much space visually. This is achieved particularly simply by the use of neutral shades. These are universal for the different interior decoration styles. White, but also different pastel colors are therefore used very often.

Decide on make-up tables in neutral or pastel colors!

wallpaper pattern photo wallpaper-floral pattern-bedroom - dressing table-bedded sky

Combination of different materials

The make-up tables should have a decorative value in addition to the fulfillment of their functions. But how do you do that with a minimalist design? A great and popular approach is to combine different materials. They immediately achieve an invigorating contrast, which can be emphasized even more by the decision of certain colors. Many of our examples look the same.

Put the make-up table where you can use it most comfortably

Playful handling of the dimensions

Based on one of the above examples we already came to this topic. Small make-up tables are often combined with large-sized mirrors or other accessories, such as lights. Thus, this area becomes a very original pivot in the bedroom. With this kind of designs you can guarantee the modern look of this piece of furniture.

With this wood dressing table, this room reaches a Scandinavian look

bedroom-and-white geometric carpet-white-bedding dressing table

Find the right place for the dressing table

Make-up tables are always needed in a lady’s apartment. But sometimes it looks like you can not find a place for it. Is that really true? With the flexible and creative solutions in our photo examples, we will certainly convince you of the opposite! We bet that there is a tricky niche or corner that you are not yet using effectively enough. Or maybe some DIY or folding make-up tables come into question for you?

beautiful ideas make-up tables wonderful

Balance between aesthetic and practical aspects

All make-up tables that we have shown look like decorative elements in the spaces in which they are used. That’s very good too. However, one should not disregard the practical aspects of the selection. Because these pieces of furniture fulfill an important function! The dressing table should provide enough storage space and work surface. You must also think about the optimal lighting.

Due to the limited space you often rely on creative solutions!

Diy furniture upcycling ideas diy inspiration from old power desk make up yourself make-up table on the wall

The homemade make-up tables are also very modern

wall paint petrol bedroom dressing table retro dresser

Put on the decoration so that the make-up table becomes a focal point in the room

beautiful insiration for make-up tables
Modern-light-crystal-table lamp-dressing table-light
dressing tables great decor in white and gray

DIY Schmiktische you can build from many things yourself. For example from a ladder!

Make-up tables themselves build stairs
Decorating ideas-living room-ideas-room design-ideas-DIY Ideas balcony Ideas Sewing Machine dressing table
dressing tables with a lot of storage space

Make-up tables in vintage style are just as popular

Make-up tables with very small dimensions

Make-up tables with a northern flair

make-up tables with noble design

Here we are dealing with a modern, but at the same time partly retro looking design

dressing tables in great black color
dressing tables in light beige
make-up ideas made of metal and wood

Simple, but at the same time functional solutions are very popular

dressing tables - very comfortable for hair dryers

with blue make-up tables
dressing tables for the corner

For example, you can use tricky spots at home for make-up tables

dressing tables gray and wood
make-up tables painted in white

Metal wood dressing table inspiration

idea for dressing tables made of beautiful wood