Current Designer Furniture Collection Combines Sustainability And Comfort

NOTWASTE is a Mexican brand founded by talented designer Kristian Almonte. He has realized this with the support of his colleague from Italy Attanasio Mazzone. Sustainability is one of the trendy features of the designer furniture collection that we introduce to you. It is the authors of this creative line to reduce the production of waste to the minimum and if possible – to avoid. In addition, these designer furniture practically have only modern qualities. We’ll take a look at them with the help of the great pictures up close.

KONSOLA – part of the designer furniture of the NOTWASTE line

designer furniture day bed idea

The designer furniture NOTWASTE as a global project

This collection was realized in cooperation with designers from all over the world. At the same time, one achieved a quite unique character. Global are also the furniture trends that were involved there. Multifunctionality, adaptability and thus ability to transform are further typical properties.

This is mainly due to the modular character of the furniture, but also the use of natural materials in neutral colors. We are dealing here with wooden and knit furniture at the same time. These of course are well integrated into a classic design. At the same time, their modern design makes them look up to date and suitable for modern interior design.

Here we see the modular nature of the furniture

designer furniture separable chair

Pancha stool as part of the NOWASTE designer furniture collection

This chair was made by Christian Vivanco designed. It offers a perfect balance between functionality, neutrality and playfulness. Interesting is the fact that he was inspired by pets. These are our kittens, dogs and other little friends. Used materials were reused and assembling is more than easy. This chair can be easily taken apart and recycled.

… viewed from different perspectives

wicker furniture idea designer furniture

Intelligent storage space

The console table is the work of the designer Jorge Diego Etienne. There was already talk of storage space, because as I said, it represents a major priority for most people in the home office dar. Especially spectacular this task was solved in the case of emergency waste furniture. As simple as the furniture may appear, they offer many possibilities. A simple side table, which can also serve as a storage area for various purposes, has laterally integrated storage space for books and documents. The rubber bands offer both practical support and serve as a great decoration. These rubber bands harmonize with the idea of ​​a wicker chair. At the same time, the piece of furniture is made of wood – something he has in common with the stool Clara. It can therefore be said that this table welds the collection together and makes it look uniform.

This antique storage unit welds together the designer furniture collection

books in bin designer furniture

Clara armchair

Part of the collection is also the Clara armchair. Behind it stands the realized idea of ​​the Mexican designer Ricardo Casas. Despite the rough appearance, the project shows just as much elegance and pays homage to traditional craftsmanship. It is good to know that you can practically sit down comfortably on it.

The storage space makes it very suitable for the interior

demos bin idea designer furniture

The other pieces of furniture

Two mirrors and a designer lamp are also part of the collection. The mirrors are paired with the playful names of Mimì and Cocò. They can not be separated if you want to experience the fabulous effect of their design. They are also very practical. In addition, they make it possible to look at the room from different perspectives and thus to ensure a perfect look. The creative designer lamp Shift Creative from this collection tells us stories of generating light. Its form is like a flame, but it reflects the idea of ​​consuming resources.

The side elastic bands are both very practical and aesthetically pleasing

designer furniture exciting bin idea

Where could these designer furniture be used?

It’s good to know that these designer furniture can be used anywhere in the interior. They are multifunctional and convertible and make a great addition to the living room, home office and why not for the kitchen. The materials are neutral and the lines are very modern – they have an expressive, minimalist character that is currently so modern. These designer furniture will leave you plenty of room for stylish decor in your home. You can personalize your interior through the use of these furniture in a wonderful way.

Seen close up, you can see the good execution of the details

storage cage designer furniture

IRI BY SHIFT is the designer lamp of the collection

designer furniture original accessory

It reflects the latest deco trends in accessories

beautiful light idea for designer furniture

The light as a symbol of life and warmth

great light designer furniture

MIMI-COCO by GAIA-BOTTARI are two great interior decorating mirrors designed as a pair

great mirror designer furniture

This chair from the designer furniture collection is also simple,

designer furniture vaulted surface

… looks rough and robust, but in reality is very modern.

designer furniture seat and storage area

This approach is a popular provocation among modern designers

small piece of designer furniture

The collection of designer furniture can be integrated into many different contexts and that is why it is particularly sustainable and up to date!

sitting man designer furniture