Inspirational Interior Design Тipps For Your Imagination

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Interior decisions great room sofa cushion table

Interior design tips from the experience of world-renowned designer

The art of Interior design ideas… Is it an art? If well done, it is in my opinion a magic! Do you agree? After all, the experts in this area bring the interior design to a level which is out of reach.

You do this art for the people, who want to have no designer claims, really nice design but whose house accessible.

We have decided in the present article, to include just such people. Because it is not always necessary that spends a lot of money, really nice to make a House. There are some things that should be done on a case? How long should you discuss a design solution before it enforces them? Today’s post intends to help you in all these decisions and hopefully the tips when designing your interior design will be useful to you.

Nate Berkus

The super appealing smile of this designer invites the fans and the experts to love how he makes the interior design. He is known for his eclectic solutions that combine many elements, from shiny and metallic to earthy and manly. Berkus believes in the strength of the rooms, reflecting the personality of their owner.

We see below in his city apartment in New York City from the time in which he was the host of the Nate Berkus show Berkus. [according to, photo by Stephen Lewis]

Nate Berkus in his New York apartment

interior design tips futuristic images table sofa

Bird in black and white

interior design ideas living room pictures sofa glass table leather chair

The examples above is taken from the book “Home rules” (House rule) of the designer. Below, we see a Nate Baku’s styled living room that contains all – leather chairs and polished lamps to an area with interesting art objects that provide an authentic character.

Eclectic living room with art objects

eclectic living room interior design ideas way

Mixed metal flashes are in this bright and airy kitchen. The silver and Golden details are very striking. Even the culinary spaces, which were designed by Berkus, are filled with unexpected touches, such as geometric floors and chrome accessories.

Kitchen with geometric floor and chrome accessories

kitchens design ideas mixed metal kitchen island

What is the lesson here, ask yourself? Consider your House as a place where you can tell its own story. The interior design is not something that is completely away from you, but one thing that everyone can enjoy. Design is for everyone. Look at the many small and unique pieces which you have as an opportunity for creating great turning and Angel points. This applies particularly to the objects which appeal to your passions, interests and special features.

Emily Henderson

She writes with a humour case of in your blog. They communicated their projects there and describes the latest designer trends. She works as a stylist and designer and is known for liking the use of bold colors. Continue to integrated plants in an amazing manner in the interior design. It shows an inspiring design philosophy, which today represents them.

Inspiring design philosophy

modern interior design ideas blue sofa carpet Chair

Henderson has supported some bloggers whose interior designing. This includes the living room by BRI Emery (from design Love Fest). Note the use of bold colors such as Aqua, lemon yellow and Fuchsia? How do you find them?

Interesting accents and the many plants supplement these comfortable, stylish space.

Interior design with lots of plants

living room design ideas colorful furniture

The design philosophy of Hernderson is filled with inspiration, including the sentence below:

“I believe that a House must, as well as its inhabitants don’t look like a catalog, not like other’s would like – but really, just as you are”.

Below we see the child-friendly living room by Joy Cho. The blog oh joy! includes innovative works, original ideas, and much more! Emily Henderson has filled the space with stylish kid-friendly items such as geometric shapes of cardboard on the side table.

Geometric shapes of cardboard on the side table

interior design tips living room blue elements sofa carpet

Another principle of key importance from their design philosophy is as follows:

“I believe that is the perfect House as the perfect person. Nobody wants to be around these people and secretly everyone hates them. Were the crazy person. Be interesting. Be the person who says sometimes inappropriate stuff or laugh too loud on certain jokes. Let that reflect your House, too, what you are actually.”

Color game with green and pink

Studio living room pink Chair pictures of green sofa table

Below we see the living living room by the joy of Cho’s Studio apartment. Including, the kitchen is filled with coloured meaningful objects. These include the work of art looking like a donut and the Eames wardrobe.

One of our favorite items is the colored baseboard, which has embellished Henderson by contact paper and glue.

Embellishment with contact paper and glue

colored Studio kitchen refrigerator shelf

We see a particular topic here? The House is a place of comfort and personality, which is afraid of nothing. Let your home reflect your real personality. Make your home a paradise.

Jonathan Adler

He is a sculptor, interior designer, entrepreneur and TV personality. His trademark is retro meets modern and can be recognized that all of his works. Its retail stores proudly make his innovative pieces on display, as well as the packaged food. You can deny the taste of the Eagle, but he himself too seriously. He designed with boldness and spirit and its rooms range from glamorous Hollywood designed premises out to Inn designs in earthy tones in the middle of the last century.

Jonathan Adler – a sculptor, interior designer, entrepreneur and TV personality

designer Jonathan Adler project realisation

In one of his designer books, he wrote:

“There is no right or wrong way, a House to decorate, only interesting ways of”Happy elegance design (English of happy chic-ness)”. He said continued: “out there, there is no concept that is so Holy, that one can turn to not”.

Happy – elegance – design

living room interior design tips white walls sofa armchair TV

Playful elements appear again and again in Eagle Interior. This includes both the swing and the geometric pillows. Let alone that the pots include often interesting subjects and provide stylish light.

Interior design with hanging chairs and cushion

interior design ideas hanging chairs decorating small table

Neutral, earthy nuances prevail later in the living room. Wood accents beautify the look. In addition also the bold pillow and wall art contribute to this effect. In the end, you reach a warm style.

Interior of Jonathan Adler with earthy notes

retro and modern living room leather furniture cushion

Summer house with metal chandelier

summer house figures long table fireplace chairs

Jonathan Adler reminds us, that it is important to have fun with the whole thing. The rediscovery of the past can be worthwhile, especially when coloured and shiny decoration in usage comes. No room is to formally include a piece of irreverent and unexpected.

Please send in your special way.

Todd Selby

Maybe you saw the fashion and portrait photography by Todd Selby in some magazines? You show up, including in the New York Times and Vogue Paris. But something else, namely the absolutely individualistic furnish his house was what attracted our attention. We would alert the Web site

The Selby and the book “the Selby is in your place” (Selby is at your home).

On his own photograph, he wrote:

“I go to people with interesting houses and take pictures while I hang around there. I also sniff around and take pictures of their stuff and make also illustrations of them and their favorite items.”

Todd Selby in his Williamsburg apartment

photographer Todd Selby in his apartment

In this direction, our article is today. Instead of that we show how individual each equipment is are we track, as this photographer, film director, author and Illustrator focuses on other people’s lives. These are real homes with real personality. In this sense we see below the London House of the artist and painter of Holly Wales and Stephen Smith. [according to the guardian]

Warm, inviting lines

colorful interior design decisions yellow wall kitchen oven Bookshelf

In this Brooklyn home by Andre Walker, stylist and consultant, there is a warm glow which radiated from the walls, the ceiling and the furniture. An elegant coffee table is located in the middle of the room, and we can’t turn our gaze, but by the piece of sculpture, which so beautifully arranged in a vase and seems to create a momentum.

Kind of decorating in the bright, shiny rooms

Brooklyn House of stylist and Andre Walker

Next, you will see the House of Ambra Medda and the art here is everywhere on the walls. Coloured seats and café tables fill the walls in a beautiful manner, together with a number of interesting accents.

Interior design with magnificent decoration

type living room great decorating sofa pictures

At the end we introduce designer John Derian a kind of table surface in the House of New York. Every item here invites us to look the stuff closer. There we discover much: the eclectic collection to the antique accessories.

The House of John Hillman

Manhattan home by designer John Hillman

All these designers remind us that the House reflects the personality of the inhabitants. Is much more important than the pursuit of perfectly arranged vignettes. It is great, if your space is designed. Sometimes it is worth to collect a little more stuff and a lot of things that you love to keep. Actually, most designers today follow this philosophy! And you?

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