Kitchen Cabinet And Kitchen Cabinet Legato: Exciting Modern Pieces Of Covers Home

cupboard and cupboard Legato current

Feel even more like the elegant and sleek style, but this time in the kitchen?

In recent years, we have dedicated a large number of our articles on Freshideen the modern facilities. If Yes, then stay tuned! Concrete is actually about the kitchen cabinets. They are also the substantive in the kitchen. There everything is stowed away, they take the most space and determine the general appearance. Do we start so not and adapt the remaining facilities?

The cabinets, which we want to present you today, is characterized by its friendly and personal appearance in the room. She is due in large part to the super original colors.

Behind their vision of the designer Claesson Koivisto Rune.

Most sharply in their statements, we find the form of cabinet doors with rounded edges. When they are placed next to each other, they make for a very unique look.

The word “Legato” means in the title put together. You know the concept first and foremost from the music. There, it stands for the games in a very gentle way.

Kitchen cabinet and kitchen cabinet Legato

cupboard and cupboard Legato colors

Legato kitchen cabinets lend the interior design not only a super modern look, but bring in the sense of music in style.

To give: If we would tell you, you would have wondered long time probably represent what these rounded blocks.

You will need lots of time to recognize that Tavern

cupboard and cupboard Legato

By the unique appearance, the doors formulate distinctive statement in the interior design.

The whole thing looks still great in monochromatic colours

cupboard and cupboard Legato bedroom

In the stairwell

Green cupboard surface kitchen cabinet Legato stairs wood

In different shades, it is yet very sexy, don’t you find?

kitchen cabinet and kitchen cupboard folding small

A smaller version like this one would be also possible

kitchen cabinet and kitchen cupboard folding green shades

That can be super great for smaller areas, when they are urgently required.

Would you combine because different shades as shown in the picture here? Maybe you want to buy cheap kitchen cabinets at your manufacturer or after Maß finished can be! Kitchen cabinets that would be Legato represent not a great role model?

Kitchen cabinet and kitchen cupboard folding red nuances