Marble Coffee Table: The Timeless Eye-catcher In The Living Room

Marble is not only timeless, but is particularly popular this year. Because one of the latest trends in living is: naturalness. And here really all natural materials are meant. From wool and silk over wood and rattan to stone – especially marble , The spectacular grain of this natural material has always inspired us. It not only brings a dignified touch to the interior, but also ensures greater dynamics in the room. Whether marble coffee table or marble side table or even just a wallpaper with marble prints – everything looks just stunning.

Round or rectangular – the marble coffee table is making a comeback!

marble coffee table dark wood feet

A marble coffee table for all occasions

Sofas without coffee tables seem somehow unfinished and bare in the room. You definitely need the right piece for it. A marble coffee table could be just what you are looking for. Too old-fashioned? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Marble is one of the newest trends in the home and fits in well with almost any interior design style.

Do not think about obsolete design and chunky marble profiles. Modern side tables and coffee tables made of marble are noble and contemporary and at the same time bring luxury and coolness into your own four walls. Combined with brass, chrome or copper, marble simply looks stunning.

Marble and brass – an unbeatable duo in terms of furnishing

marble coffee table brass feet

Not only the classic white marble with fine veins is back in fashion, but also the rock in all other colors. And green marble is very popular lately and preferred by many.

Green marble plus brass is a first-class piece of furniture

brass green marble coffee table

Of course, a marble coffee table can be combined with a marble side table or other coffee tables made of other materials such as wood, metal or stone. And if you just can not get enough of the marble, then you also have a lot of pretty home accessories and small furniture from the popular natural stone or at least in the same look available. Coasters, table lamp feet, vases, wall clocks and crockery are just some of the most popular ones.

You can opt for marble as a surface for all sorts of tables and dressers in the house

marble coffee table side table mirror

Of course, high quality marble also has its price. For those who are sometimes a little too much of a true rock, decorate some elements with marble prints or opt for marble-look wallpaper or textiles. Some items such as flower pots and vases, for example, are also great as DIY marble projects.

Important tip: Do not overdo it with the marble elements in the room! Otherwise, you run the risk that your home looks too cheesy and overloaded.

Glass, metal and wood are some of the best combination partners of marble

round marble coffee table wood metal tables round

Clean and polish the marble coffee table properly

Marble is always unique. The natural carbonate rocks, which are created in the earth’s interior under strong pressure and at high temperatures, always has its multi-faceted grain, which has already ensured its popularity in ancient times. Marble, so to speak, belongs to the family of limestones and should be treated accordingly. To enjoy your marble coffee table even longer, you should now and then properly clean and maintain the noble surface. This of course also applies to the other objects that are made of marble.

When cleaning the marble, you should also consider the other materials of a piece of furniture

marble coffee table designer furniture

Of course, you can also hire a professional cleaning company to make all the marble surfaces in your house appear again. But if it’s all about your marble coffee table and a few items, then you can make it on your own. Our tips in the next lines will help you.

Although marble is a rock and looks quite hard, it is also quite sensitive to some substances and substances, such as detergents that are acidic. These include vinegar cleanser and fruit acid in general. Therefore, you should be especially careful when choosing the appropriate cleaning agent.

Experts advise cleaning marble surfaces rather dry or with very little water. So marble is well protected against limescale. Cleansers that are chlorine-based or rather mildly alkaline should be at the top of the list when it comes to cleaning marble. Kalkreiniger and care oils, however, are taboo.

Marble is sensitive to acidity

Clean marble coffee table

When marble is well impregnated, you do not have to worry about stains, because all the liquids simply bead off. In this way, your marble coffee table is well protected and remains completely stain free for a long time.

For small scratches on the marble coffee table you should also stay relaxed. A suitable polish will help you to apply a window leather or nylon pad to the marble. Alternatively, you can borrow a hand polisher from a nearby hardware store.

All marble surfaces shine in their full splendor again

dark wood marble coffee table

Maintain and treat your marble coffee table expertly and thank you for its elegant luster and contemporary sophistication. Also all other marble surfaces such as floor and wall tiles , Kitchen tops and islands can benefit from proper care.

A lot of fun and a great sense of living with marble in the house wishes you the Freshideen editors!

A modern marble coffee table is always immediately an eye-catcher in every single room

designer marble coffee table living room

marble coffee table dark corner sofa living room

Find the best color scheme for your interior

colorful marble coffee table
gold marble coffee table oval
marble coffee table rectangle high pile carpet

Also, size and design are some of the key criteria when choosing a marble coffee table

marble coffee table ethno carpet
marble coffee table high pile carpet purple sofa
marble coffee table long living room ideas

Our favorites include the creations of Timothy Oulton

designer timothy oulton marble coffee table
marble coffee table designer timothyoulton

Also Gubi have excellent coffee tables with marble in the new collections

gubi marble coffee table black
gubi ts marble coffee table

As a plate for the side table, marble also cuts a fine figure

marble coffee table side table round
marble coffee table round side table
Round marble coffee table set

Many combination options are available

marble coffee table wood
marble coffee table dresser fabrizio
marble coffee table long living room

Incidentally, dark wood is also very much in vogue this year

marble coffee table mid-century
marble coffee table osaka
marble coffee table living room ideas

But brass also makes marble great company

round marble coffee table living room
modern marble coffee table

Classic frames in black look very elegant and restrained to marble

marble coffee table modern living room furniture

marble coffee table rectangular living room

marble coffee table round modern design

marble coffee table living room trend

And mirror pages always bring an optical width with them

marble coffee table with mirror