Modular Shelving System HYVE Autumn Product

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Build everything with style through intelligent module systems

The storage area is one of the most important elements of the House rules. Shelving systems are super important and it has dedicated which much space in the blogs. You have to think but also continued. How to organize the best ranked within the shelves themselves?

The large, but the smaller items of significance are not so much. They want to search certainly not then when you most need it.

To assist us, you made modular shelving system like the one displayed today.

The above findings have meant that someone discovered the system HYVE. It’s product to a plant autumn and concrete we have a completely new system of organization.

As perhaps most of you already know, means HYVE on English beehive. The name tells you probably already very much. You tried exactly the hive system in this case, to apply. Due to its shape, it is very easy to arrange and it fits to any any room.

You can use this system in horizontal and vertical arrangement. So she can be in different storage systems. You could be there both attach a pen, create as this a flower container. All you need to do is to give free rein to your imagination.

Modular shelving system

modular shelving bee plastic container wall

We have fallen in love on Freshideen in the colours and also in the one-off form. You can snap the individual components and connect. Just in this type of compilation the similarity is to the bee baskets especially hard.

Mount part wooden wall

modular shelving wood Board

When you order this set, you get also a wall Board and magnets, which can be used vertically

system shelf elements wall plate

Flower pots on the wall – art wall installation

shelving system hanging flower pots houseplants

Exotic, drought-resistant plants

modular shelving wall design

It’s actually perfectly, regardless of whether you will be using the plant container indoors or outdoors.

Some have decided to bring the HYVE as a central piece in the room

modular shelving dining table decoration

Maybe you need more help for the Organization in the workplace

modular shelving stationery kids

Then, you should integrate HYVE namely there.

Here it has positioned someone on the wall to have tangible close some important trivia

modular shelving plastic cup

Apply in the pantry

modular pantry shelving books glass

We have listed so many possibilities for the use of HYVE and there’s more! While you could fill the shelf systems or any other sources in different rooms so.

Why not bring up because it in the pantry!

modular shelving stationery designer bee

The stationery order

modular shelving design

Thus, you can fill the HYVE, do you think? Practically with all that fits in it.

Beware that the things are well matched

modular shelving system green Blau bee basket

If you are a fan of the order, then they fell already in this shelf system. Are we right or not?