Of Some Other Furniture Designer And His DIY Furniture From Car Parts

Posted on Jun 30, 2015

Autoscout24 vintage DIY furniture furniture designer Martin Maw

Furniture designer Martin Maw can be resurrected the old cars than chic pieces of furniture

Furniture from old cars – what an original idea, the maybe not only Martin Maw invaded is, but he is the only furniture designer in Germany, which adopted the idea into action. He living room sofas from chic vintage cars, wardrobes from VW buses, builds desks from old MINI car models, manufactures engine block tables and custom car furniture designs according to customer requirements. The only condition that the designer considered concerns the State of the vehicle. Throat never used cars that are still traffic-efficient or capable of restoration, furniture for its designers. Otherwise are no limits to his creative hand work. Each piece of furniture is feasible and he proves this with its varied designs.

Learn more information about the furniture designer and his interesting work right by the following video.

Vintage designer furniture

Do you want to have like a cool closet from an old VW bus? That’s definitely all hippies dream, right?

The original car furniture is its individual character. Each piece of furniture is unique and tailored to the customer’s needs. And this of course design and function hand in hand. If one is not true car furniture design is actually ineffective. The entire work process for a “successful” piece of furniture takes throat even for the experienced Martin by 3 to 4 weeks. The end result is always worthwhile. His car furniture are coveted and internationally in demand.

Wardrobe from VW bus T2

Autoscout24 vintage DIY furniture cabinet furniture designer Martin Maw

Do you want a piece of vintage furniture? Even myself, you can build a great home accessory. For this you need but a few practical DIY tips you can get directly from Martin Maw. He tells about his love for the rebuilding of cars and car parts in his Free E-book.

Let yourself be inspired and who knows, maybe this could be your new hobby…

Mini MK 2 desk

Autoscout24 vintage furniture designer Martin Maw

Mini Mayfair bar

Autoscout24 vintage DIY furniture coffee table furniture designer

Engine table Unimog OM 312

Autoscout24 vintage DIY furniture coffee table furniture designer Martin Maw

Key board from Porsche 911 engine bonnet

Porsche key board Autoscout24 vintage DIY furniture furniture designer

Copyright: © Martin Maw

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