Scandinavian Design: 120 Stylish Ideas In Pictures

Scandinavian design has a clear origin, but it plays an important role in interior design all over the world. All – Spaniards, Germans, Americans find something special about this style of furnishing.

However, it seems that the Scandinavian design does not lose its own identity. Rather, there are different interpretations of the otherwise so universal Scandinavian style, which resulted from contact with different national peculiarities. It does not mean that these will remain popular only in the specific country. The Spanish, French or US variant of the Scandinavian style will then find their own fans all over the world.

Scandinavian design in different countries and cultures

Scandinavian design Scandinavian lamp Tom Dixon

In the next few lines we try to describe some such national interpretations of the Scandinavian style. Then decide for yourself what suits you and your temperament best.

An example like the Russians like to interpret the Scandinavian design

Scandinavian design open living space

The passion of Spain in the context of the Scandinavian style

Is it possible to combine the cool character of the Scandinavian style with Spanish passion? Will he not simply”melt”under his influence? No! The light accents typical of the Scandinavian style seem quite simply more playful. For example, you can combine different colors and fabrics on a piece of furniture.

Spaniards like passionate, warm colors

Scandinavian design colored living room furniture

Charming Scandinavian style of French style

The French version of the Scandinavian style coincides with the surplus of design elements. There is also more furniture and accessories than usual. The scandinavian style has mainly been taken from simplicity. However, it serves as a background which is filled with French charm and warmth.

It is no secret that French people have upscale taste

Scandinavian design retro accents yellow

British interpretation of the Scandinavian style

In the British interpretation of the Scandinavian style, its functionality is primarily brought to the fore. It is complemented by small details and a magnificent decoration. This works very well thanks to the natural British restraint. With the help of this one never exceeds the certain limit of good taste.

The British prefer classical music

Scandinavian design Living room furniture Cow carpet

Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian style

Spontaneously one would think that one should either take the one or the other, right? Japanese proves that this does not have to be. They illustrate that both styles are reserved, but at the same time very characteristic.

Combine the characteristics of both styles to create a space full of light, freedom and functionality.

Japanese people rely on simplicity and functionality

Scandinavian design high ceiling modern decor

Scandinavian style and Canadian love for nature

The love of nature and the desire to become one with it is the starting point of the idea of ​​the Scandinavian style. What is different about the Canadian love of nature? It is probably more directed towards the outside. The Canadian design features make the Scandinavian style more dynamic, open, expressive.

“The bigger, the better”is the leitmotto here!

Scandinavian design classic furniture leather sofa living room

American decoration and Scandinavian style

Americans are more focused than any other nations on the decoration in the interior setting. The variations of these are many. Decoration makes up the character of many interior design concepts. The Scandinavian style with its restraint is therefore the right background. At the moment, the combination of Scandinavian design with decoration and furniture of the 50s is particularly topical.

Americans have a taste for the 50s style

Scandinavian design furnishings

Of course in Australian style

In Australia everything is worked out with local materials and on the spot. This gives the Scandinavian style there its own Australian character, although otherwise everything according to the well-known rules is created.

Australians are big fans of minimalist design

Scandinavian design Furniture examples Living room furniture

German functionalism

The Scandinavian style is interpreted in Germany according to the original. It is even a tick more straightforward and more functional.

More than just one function is in demand with us, Germans

Scandinavian design minimalist kitchen dining area white

The exuberance of Holland and the Scandinavian design

The Dutch interpretation is based on the combination of neutral materials and colorful color palettes. Accent walls and other wide-colored surfaces are typical of this type of interior furnishings.

Dutch people like to use fresh color accents

Scandinavian design furniture Eames Chairs

Which variant of the interior design in Scandinavian style would you choose for your interior furnishings?

Scandinavian furniture is very popular throughout the world

Scandinavian design setup examples minimalistic

We have created a picture gallery for you…

Furnishings living room scandinavian furniture couches round carpet pattern sofa

Scroll down for more inspiring decorations in the Scandinavian style

Dining room scandinavian furnishing scandinavian living accessories

In our picture gallery are more than 100 furnishing examples. Have fun!

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Scandinavian deco furnishing examples black white

Scandinavian decoration

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Scandinavian design

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