Basic Knowledge Of The Solar Modules And Solar Panels

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solar modules and solar panels modern architecture

Houses, in which the Sun is the main energy source, were rare until a few years ago

But there are always more people who consciously deal with the issue of climate protection and opt for this type of energy.

Harmful substances, which you can save the environment, balance the plants by 88 trees per year. So far, so gut…Doch if you want to have as an installation at home, where should you start, ask yourself, or? We want to be helpful for the solution of this question: here are a few tips!

Project: solar modules and solar panels

solar modules and solar panels contemporary American architecture

Why you should do this: To save energy costs and to conserve nature.

How it works: the solar panels are actually photovoltaic cells. You make useful solar energy. You go to an inverter and this helps move all the equipment in the House.

Who should you employ for the realization of this project

solar modules and solar panels contemporary America

The installation of the solar modules and solar panels is not as easy as some popping of the panels on the ceiling. You need additional wires and the positioning of the panels is of key importance for the formation of an effective system. You should leave this part of the work so clearly the professionals.

The necessary characteristics of the professionals at a glance

solar modules and solar panels rustic facade

-Ensure a reasonable warranty; We think for 10 years for the inverter and 20-25 for the panels in figures

-The installer should be sourced, so that you can more quickly reach him in critical situations

-The installation must be outsourced; So, the installer will assume more responsibility if things go not according to plan

-He should have the necessary licenses and include a professional Federal

-He can give the references from other customers


solar modules and solar panel rooftop

You should know that the prices down have gone lately. Are looking for someone who has made his installation in 2011. The price you have now to be expected is around 60% lower.

Pay rates or immediately

The application of solar energy is promoted more and more and that’s why you should consult the current possibilities. Often, you can get credit with favorable rates for such a project.

But clearly, if you can pay the sum at once, to get much cheaper out of this. Since also the few do this, you can make good conditions in such a situation, and this do the trick easily.

Note the following: you will secure the own insurance premium through the use of solar energy. It can save lot of money every month.

Typical project duration

solar modules and solar panels contemporary landscape

The installation and the wrap wires take usually a couple of months

solar modules and solar panels contemporary modern garden lighting

You can choose between a few weeks and a few months take from the moment of signing of the contract up to that the completion of the project.

Permission: This is always required. Usually the company is busy, which installed them. It is often also the extended time of realization of the project.

What you absolutely must take into consideration

solar modules and solar panels contemporary landscape exotic

Only in this way the system will work effectively

solar modules and solar panels contemporary frames glass wall

For most people it may be self-evident, but it is nor even mentioned: your roof direct sunlight must be issued in the ages between 10 and 14: 00. At this time, the Sun is strongest.

Trees, high, located in nearby buildings and chimneys in the vicinity could have a significant impact on the flow of solar energy. The different types of influence the shadow of panels in different ways. Some reduce the output and others will turn off all together. The longer the panels from the sunlight, the more effectively it will generate solar energy. The amount of solar energy that reaches to the ground within a certain period, is ever after Ortshaft also differently. This property is called sunlight.

Number of necessary solar modules and solar panels

solar modules and solar panels contemporary farmhouse

The size of the system depends on two things: the solar radiation and the amount of energy you need. Look at your Bill and see how much energy you need per day. Multiply this 25 times and size, the strength of the installation, you need is about.

Decisive factors are: performance per solar module, sunlight on their location and number of hours per day, in which the Panel is direct sunlight.

It’s also. Therefore, our advice to you is: you find good professionals in your area who can help you with help and advice!

It all sounds complicated?

solar modules and solar panels contemporary sustainable architecture

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